Fukushima’s Water… Might Hold Possibilities Toward a Solution.

Flower of Life pattern in Crystalized Water.
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DISCLAIMER – Research reveals that water also has a liquid crystalline form, and to some degree, water basically is a liquid crystal.  I don’t know if this has been considered yet at TEPCO’s mess in Japan, nor if it’s relevant, but…  Since crystals are programmable, with water known by many energy healers being considered ideal to carry high-vibrational sacred geometries, and water being used for cooling nuclear fuel… There might be a way for “part of the problem” (massive amounts of water flowing through the site), to become “part of the solution”:

Pacifying the discord of the radioactive contamination-spewing Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan is likely to include “programming” the involved water to boost its “immunity” to symmetry-distorting radiation, as well as restoring the radiation-compromised structural integrity of contaminated water.  Both the groundwater upstream and cooling water (before it reaches the molten cores) will need to be programmed with a potent mixture of Unconitional Love Energy and Sacred Geometry Symmetries.   I do not claim this to be ‘science’, certainly not the kind of science that can fit in the molds of the dominant scientific culture.  Given conventional approaches are failing, I’m looking outside the known into fields scattered with possibilities as well as nonsense.

Some websites I visited while pondering this blogpost, which may contain inspiration or clues for other people looking into this:

Or not… I’m of he opinion that this needs to be looked into more, and given a try…

Drop Falling into Water
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To elaborate:

“The situation” in Japan is such… that they diverted a river where they built those nuclear reactors, and now that they’re cracked, the underground water is flowing directly into the reactor buildings, unstoppable, taking with it massive amounts of radioactive particles to the Pacific Ocean.  The ground water is flowing into the basements where some of the molten-through fuel is, as well as by the molten fuel at reactor 2 that likely melted through the foundation (a situation known as the worst case scenario “China Syndrome”).  Conventional news/info about the enfolding situation can be found daily through my Nuclear News page.

My thought is… if the groundwater upstream can be informed with true Boddhisattva-level ‘Unconditional Love’ (and I’m talking true New Age level stuff here, not the fluffy stuff that passes for “new age”: Unconditional Love, truly embodied and beyond conceptualization), then perhaps when it passes by the nuclear fuel, it might be able to calm down the “traumatized / insane” integrity-compromised fission material and speed up its healing much faster than at the rate of the usual “half life times” of the various radioactive isotopes that are getting picked up by the water.  The consciousness geometry of the water needs to be so potently symmetrical  that it can “break the localized nuclear spell,” which I identified as being some form of ‘de-symmetrizing sorcery’ during shamanic investigations into the nature of the Nuclear Industry in spring 2013.

About 400 tons of badly radioactively contaminated water is flowing into the Pacific every day.  A fair amount extra, 300 additional tons daily, is being pumped from the flooding buildings into storage tanks, which now already hold over 2.5 Chernobyl fallout equivalents.

My shamanic tracking has pointed me towards the view that it will require “informing” the water with the energy of utter selflessness,  ego-cutting sharp as can be, a soft earth-like open-hearted humbleness of an embodied Christ/Buddha-like level of realization.  That is not something even found among most so-called spiritual masters.  So perhaps people such as Dzogchen master like Chatral Rinpoche (whose “prayer to avert nuclear war” is said to be just as useful for pacifying nuclear disasters, http://www.vajrayana.org/files/2113/0016/3060/Nuclear%20Prayer.pdf), or the energy of mountains charged with divine energies, such as found in many locations around the world (Mount Shasta in California; the Sangre de Crosto mountain range near Crestone, Colorado, Mount Kalash in Tibet, etc…). 

Excerpt from a Prayer by Chatral Rinpoche, a reclusive Dzogchen master yogi from Tibet (born 1913):

Excerpt from a Prayer by Chatral Rinpoche, a reclusive Dzogchen master yogi from Tibet (born 1913)

Energetically, from my shamanic journeys and related ceremonies, my understanding is that “the nuclear spell” is a “asymmetrizing dark-sorcery-like spell”, of the most unenlightened conceptualization-trapped mental construction possible.  Nuclear fission technology is unbelievably misguided.  As I touched upon in my previous blogpost on the gist of Archetypal Dynamics of the Nuclear Era, the technology essentially boils down to “subatomic rape”.   It somehow shifts matter from its natural harmonious symmetry into an asymmetry.   “The insanity” (of the affected essentially traumatized matter) that sets in as a result is expressed as “radiative leaking” (alpha, beta and gamma rays depending on isotopes, in conventional science parlance) and enormous amounts of heat. 

So if the path towards restoring symmetry can be found for all the isotopes (Tritium, Cesium-134, Cesium-137, Iodine-131, Iodine-132, Strontium-90, Strontium-89, Tellurium, etc etc…),… My sense is that it may require specific information for specific types of matter to be able to receive the re-symmetrizing info, or perhaps there the Unconditional Love energy can serve as some sort of ‘master key’ without requiring specific re-symmetrizing geometrical knowledge, then the matter may possible be healed upon receiving this re-symmetrizing calming extremely high-vibrational Unconditional Love.

This disaster will be over the day the nuclear era ends.  
That could be a lot sooner than those entrapped in its spell can even fathom…

Problem is, even among the most seasoned spiritual practitioners, that (I think required) level of Bodhisattva-selflessness alignment is rare, yet I sense it is part of what needs to ‘carry’ the information from the water to the nuclear fuel.  We’re talking about ‘reinforming’ the most extremely integrity-compromised heaviest-of earth elements, much of it in an artificially agitated state that does not occur in nature (but is the result of manmade manipulations), matter which, unlike water, on top of the complexity, might be the most difficult to reprogram too.   And on top of these research challenges, in some areas the radiation is so high, humans would die within the hour if they were to enter the area and even robots’ electronics fail to function in it.  The challenge is of an unprecedented magnitude.

Zeolite and clay have radioactive-particles-absorbing qualities, so that type of matter is capable of “hold space” for the traumatized symmetry-compromized nuclear fuel, but that’s all.  Similar with mushrooms that absorb Cesium, or seaweeds that absorbs iodine: they do not “neutralize” (“re-symmetrize” / “heal” the radioactivity) the absorbed particles.   So how precisely the re-symmetrizing / de-spelling (dispelling of what is essentially atomic-level sorcery) can be programmed into the groundwater, so that that ‘nuclear fuel‘ can re-symmetrize is not clear to me yet.   If such a process were to work, it should be noticeable in a sudden drop in emitting radioactivity and heat.

For background on just Spent Fuel Pool #4, see http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/04/the-largest-short-term-threat-to-humanity-the-fuel-pools-of-fukushima.html for instance).  The unbelievably risky operation is said to begin in November.  That is the level of danger posed by this disaster.  TEPCO, and even nuclear experts on the outside, have so far basically been stuck in nuclear science thinking and I’m not aware that such alternative approaches are even being considered.   Because I’m not a professional, nor a corporation, I do not even know how to get a hold of someone at TEPCO who could consider such an alternative approach. 

The so-called “nuclear fuel” needs to feel loved to an extreme most people are not capable of, akin to a love so vast that it would heal rape trauma in a human upon contact. A tall order.

When I drink enough high-quality Amazonian Ayahuasca (see my Ayahuasca blogpost, which touches on one aspect of my shamanic explorations of the nuclear industry as well), maybe I could come close, for a moment, to something resembling Unconditional Love, but from my explorations, in my understanding… it is a tall order.  Perhaps ayahuasca will play a role in creating a solution as well (?).  In and of herself, Ayahuasca remains only a plant and as some people claim, as much emotional healing as she assists in, there is some conditioning (also apparent in most of the traditions that use Ayahuasca); which leaves me to believe that working with an uncompromising Awakened Lineage will be most essential.   Ayahuasca open doors, but it is secondary, ’cause if one’s energy stream is not aligned with the highest Truth vibration already, it won’t bring it about.  Lots of (often difficult) spiritual practice remains a prerequisite, is my sense now subject to change without updating this blogpost).

In any case, if such a process lies within the possibilities of what can be developed, I urge anyone to prioritize it and pass along the research objectives to anyone who may be able to assist in developing this.  Comments welcome.

For consulting purposes, Tepco (the company that runs Fukushima and a series of other expressions of modern era madness) can be contacted through http://www.tepco.co.jp/en/other/contact/consult-e.html if you have ways to fill out those “required fields”.   I don’t even have a geographical home location at the moment, and certainly no “corporation” or “fax number”.   

People are welcome to share insights, downloads, or whatever information you’d like to share that might be helpful in this undertaking.  Peace.

The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Plant Site on the edge of the Pacific Ocean...  Three reactors in full melt-down sind March 11, 2011;  and since then at least one is likely in full-on "China Syndrome": melt-through the foundation contaminating the ground water, with hundreds of tons of radioactive water reaching the Pacific Ocean every day, and storage tanks holding over 2.5 the total fallout from Chernobyl  (1986) already...

The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Plant Site on the edge of the Pacific Ocean…
Three reactors in full melt-down sind March 11, 2011; and since then at least one is likely in full-on “China Syndrome”: melt-through the foundation contaminating the ground water, with hundreds of tons of radioactive water reaching the Pacific Ocean every day, and storage tanks holding over 2.5 the total fallout from Chernobyl (1986) already…

The Nuclear Era is almost over.

Added after posting:

[Last updated october 5, 2013]
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4 Responses to Fukushima’s Water… Might Hold Possibilities Toward a Solution.

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  3. John says:

    I wonder what would happen if everyone in the world meditated on fixing/healing the pacific/Fukushima. First “they” would have to start disclosing everything acurately, across every form of media, and make it top priority, 24/7. Thoughts are very powerful, which is why they are controlled/manipulated. If everyone knew their true potential this world would be vastly different.

    I dont know what to do anymore. Telling people seems to do nothing. I could take them by the hand and show them the dying pacific and melting reactors and they still would not care because its not on the tv, and they have to work because they have bills to pay ect..ect..ect… Or…dont worry because aliens are going to take care of it all for us…(maybe, who knows?)…or they will be raptured away before it gets that bad….or Jesus will come back and fix it…or “I cant see it from my yard”…:'(

    I’m sorry, my comment kind of turned into a rant. Have you heard about the sun changing matter? Yes, apparently it alters the rate of radioactive decay which is supposed to be constant. Supposedly they can predict solar flares by monitoring decay rates, interesting stuff. I believe Testla also said the sun influenced radium somehow but I forget. I would have added some links and more interesting tidbits but I’m on a stupid phone. Anyway I wont blame you if you dont approve my long winded comment. Cheers

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