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More Autumn Photos (Northern Utah)

Couple more photos taken at end of October 2013, from just north of Salt Lake City, Utah: For amazing autumn colors, see also these photos from last month. Advertisements

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Oct 25, 2013: Japan 7.1M Quake 200 miles off Fukushima Coast, with small (1 meter max) tsunami. A quick look at Wind Directions & Radiation Monitors

Oct 25, 2013 – Central Northern Utah, USA- DISCLAIMER Felt as far away as Tokyo, a 6.8M, upgraded to a 7.3M quake, and later downgraded to a 7.1, just hit today off the Fukushima Coast.  I just noticed it due … Continue reading

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Autumn Colors (Northern Colorado & Utah – mid-October 2013) – Photos

My blog can run a little behind on “my actual location“… “Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”  – George Eliot AMAZING autumn colors … Continue reading

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Stupas in Crestone

There are a number of Tibetan-style stupas in the San Luis Valley, on both sides of the state border.  In New Mexico there’s one near the Lama Foundation, and in Crestone I believe there are three.   I visited two … Continue reading

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Paradigm Shift in Progress. 3 VIDEOS for Inspiration

I recommend the following videos for raising awareness on the shifting paradigm from a war-festering power-over imposed control-dynamic, to a peace-fostering heart-centered cooperative ecologically attuned community.   Disclaimer. An important message about where we stand on this precipice, imploring us … Continue reading

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Fukushima & the Future of Nuclear Energy — Panel Discusion in New York (Oct 8, 2013)

See also this 10/10/2013 Huffington Post article,  After Fukushima Disaster, Advocates Argue Only Safe Nuclear Power Is None At All.  A conference (watch below) in New York City yesterday October 8, 2013, similar to a presentation in July 2013, also put … Continue reading

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