Seattle’s Whiffs of Radioactive Fallout from Fukushima: EPA Radnet data Spring 2011 versus Summer 2013.

Portland, Oregon – August 30, 2013 –

[!-> Added: See even more pronounced Seattle radnet spikes on Sept 5-6,2013]

!!!–> Scientific nuance statement ADDEDAdditional to my DISCLAIMER:  No scientific statements about the radiation spikes’ origin can be made with certainty without solid lab data of precipitation and air filter radioisotope analysis. For another example of how mere doses, such as given by Geiger Counters, cannot say anything about the origins of the radiation, see my lab test results of Japanese seaweeds (Autumn 2013 samples, January 2014 blogpost).  Additional reflections you can find in my blogpost, “Some Pointers to See Through Nuclear Deceptions.  

Original blogpost left unchanged:

Was looking at moving Satellite images (as found through the various sites on my Meteo page), and it seemed that north of Oregon would get notably more Fukushima fallout, IF any was coming this way.   The other week, August 21, 2013, I observed, “Low Level Radioactive Fukushima Fallout moving over Pacific Northwest – Portland EPA Radnet Data – August 2013“.  That was for Portland.

The Seattle data site for the EPA’s Radnet (current) is:

Their archived page for those data sets and graphs for the months following the March 11, 2013 Great Tohoku Earthquake is:

If you get frustrated exploring the way the EPA organized their website, check THIS (with Eureka, CA data), as I mapped their maze, which could save you a lot of time (if they haven’t rearranged it all again).

Anyhow, as you can immediately see, the spikes in recent months are at least as pronounced as in spring 2011.  Odd that this is not all over the news, no?  It would require air filter sample lab tests, which -convenient to deny everything- the EPA only does once every three months, ’cause in their book everything went “back to Routine” back in May 2011…   Recent news certainly has proved them wrong.  I hope they have the heart to admit that and start doing widespread daily testing.

So, image below, I put the gamma rays graphs of the current (right) and the one from the period that “most of the leaking” occurred, which was previously believed to have been during March 2011, with a couple “whiffs” blowing over North America after that, next to each other (image below) and you can immediately see that what is occurring this summer might very well be as bad or perhaps worse than during the first month of the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear meltdowns…   WARNING:  this is pure speculation, not a claim.  Just going by raw data shown.  Actually knowing what’s happening requires lab tests.   I don’t know, but not only are the most significant spikes as pronounced, they also turned the monitor off an awful lot of times in July and August 2013.  No data doesn’t mean there were spikes there, it just more uncertainty about what is actually happening.   So, to those people telling everyone that all is fine, be fair: admit there’s no way of knowing if all is fine or not without actually having data in the first place.

(For a very incomplete picture of where all that early-on radioactive dust deposited itself, see my Radiation Fallout Maps for the United States), but keep in mind, I put that together in May 2012: at least some and quite possibly significantly more radioactive particles may have fallen from the sky since, so those maps should be considered outdated (and downplaying the actual situation) already.

Here’s the above two graphs next to each other:

Data: US EPA, with my annotations

Data: US EPA, with my annotations

And while it remains difficult to get me super-alarmed about the amount of fallout that has reached the US (so far still less than what I grew up with in Western Europe as a result of Chernobyl-1986, it seems), the lack of testing, especially by the EPA and FDA is most concerning.  

It’s their extreme lack of testing (negligence, really) that is part of what seems to give rise to (what I consider) “alarmist hysteria” I’ve noticed in online forums and comment treads.

‘Not knowing’ can be far more difficult of an edge to sit on than simple facts.  Sit anyway.


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