Human Rights Awareness Versus Fluoridation – A Map Comparison of Marriage Equality Activism on Facebook Versus CDC Fluoridation Data, By County.

A variation of the Human RIghts Campaign symbol.

A variation of the Human Rights Campaign symbol.

March 31, 2013 – Hope you’re all having a blessed Easter.  The shortlink for this post is

I noticed something interesting, and posted it on Facebook [when I still stupidly used that military platform for surveillance and behavior modification…]:


If you don’t want to read the text, THIS documentary explains what’s wrong with fluoridation, all backed up with very compelling science.   What follows in this blogpost is my discovery that, apparently highly fluoridated communities act differently.  So much that it shows up on a Facebook data-mining map on marriage equality!  Check it out:

When I put two maps next to each other (see below), I couldn’t help but notice some odd (reverse) correlations.  Because of the similarity in the area of the front range (Colorado, New Mexico areas), I looked a little closer, and noticed that the front range and into the rockies is both less floridated and more open-minded; and the plains to the east the other way around. That’s what started me to look a little closer and I find this freaky/striking:

test<br /> test<br /> test

Fluoridation Data: CDC, 2006
Profile Picture Change Data: Facebook, as reported by Huffington Post, 2013
Comparison and Annotations: Michaël Van Broekhoven (Allegedly Apparent Blog)


I’m not saying that the apparent statistical (reverse) correlations per se imply a causation (correlation NEVER  IMPLIES causation, but, theoretically speaking, it opens the door to causal possibilities), and there sure are plenty of cases where the apparent “pattern” doesn’t apply, and not everyone drinks tap water (Humboldt County in Far-Northern Coastal California is a good example, where having your own well or spring is common), and liberalizing areas may be ‘targeted’ with water supply fluoridation in some cases, while areas with more activism for liberal causes may also have managed to bring an end to the public poisoning, and so forth.  Also, of course, doing something really dumb (such as adding fluoride to your water supply) and having other narrow-minded ideas (like being against same-sex love relationships and their marriages (I’m not of that orientation but don’t even remotely understand the upset), could easily go hand in hand…

BUT… *IT APPEARS* that there is a *POSSIBILITY* that fluoridation for behavior modification is effective to some degree.  It’s been proven that it interferes with the Pineal Gland, also known as the seat of the soul, key to self-awareness, ‘enlightenment’.  No big surprise that if you stunt the gland in part responsible for an open mind, that it turns out to shut the mind.   Some non-establishment viewpoints on its importantce, see for instance, ‘Why pineal gland and mental health are most important in these times.

In the above map, I added some squares (no pun intended) to highlight some areas. Dark blue = high fluoridation (left); Dark Red = elevated levels of human rights activism on Facebook (right). I find this interesting.

The rest of this blogpost is a compilation of data sources used for the above rudimentary comparison, some elaboration on it, as well as further documentation to back up other claims stated above.  Such as: why adding Fluoride to drinking water is really dumb, something on the science of Fluoridation’s effect on the Pineal Gland, and certain things that have been known for a long time about the function of this area of the brain.

  • First:  Alexis Kleinman Posted on The Huffington Post (03/29/2013 3:45 pm EDT) [with my ‘[selective deletes]’ and emphasis]:

“How The Red Equal Sign Took Over Facebook, According To Facebook’s Own Data

It seemed like most people were changing their Facebook profile pictures to the Human Rights Campaign’s symbol for equality — that red equal sign — this week as the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in two cases concerning same-sex marriage. […] 2.7 million more people changed their profile pictures on Tuesday, March 26 compared to the previous Tuesday, a trove of charts published by Facebook on Friday reveal.

[…] Facebook didn’t analyze exactly what they changed their pictures to, but we can safely assume that the red equal sign was driving the bump. On Tuesday morning, the HRC posted the symbol on its Facebook page and encouraged those in support of same-sex marriage to use it as their profile picture while the Supreme Court discussed Prop 8.

red equal sign

This map shows where people who changed their profile pictures are located.

The well-known geographic divides are apparent:  same-sex marriage gets more support in the more liberal Northeast and West, less in the South. Additionally, Facebook found that 30-year-olds were the most likely to change their profile picture, with around 3.5 percent doing so.  The data also showed that, unsurprisingly, those living in college towns were the most likely to change their profile pictures.  […].”  Continue reading HERE.

I’ll come back to the comparison in a few ‘.  First also the Data Source for Fluoridation:


The ‘< 0.7 mg/L’ includes natural occurring fluoride, which varies and can be very low, or be up to 0.7 milligram per liter tap water.  Higher levels is due to intentionally poisoning the population, an apparently popular practice in the United States… (affecting an estimated 70% of the population).

    CDC’s alleged ‘reason’ for administering brain-altering, cancer-causing, bone-weakening, psychoactive, medication to the public water supply without our individual consent, nor a way to dose this medication, has always been “for the public good”, supposedly “to fight tooth decay”.  First of all, that’s complete bullshit, and you can read up on that on Washington’s Blog’s, Government and Top University Studies: Fluoride Lowers IQ and Causes Other Health Problems“, which includes various excellent links and a video.

When you research this it becomes obvious quickly that CDC is distorting the full spectrum of knowledge on this issue.  If the argument of being good for health has no basis in actual reality, and that apparantly truly has no basis in reality, it’s no surprise that, this gives birth to all kinds of speculation on what their agenda actually is, a.k.a so-called “conspiracy theories”.  

CDC clearly isn’t motivated to promote oral health, nor bone health, nor brain health, that much is apparent, though.

If you don’t want to do actual extensive research of the already existing scientific literature that backs up what I’m saying, and don’t want to take my word for it (I would encourage you to not take my word for anything, but rather to think for yourself as well), more easily digestible points are made HEREHERE and HERE.   If you prefer more views with well-researched scientific references, then… go for it: Check THISTHIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THAT, and peek HERE and THERE, for starters.  That should suffice.   (Although, for the fluorine-drinking wacko’s at CDC, apparently it isn’t…  Go figure.)

Anyhow, in short, it’s been known for a long time, and very well backed by peer-reviewed scientific literature (some examples above – Read everything before throwing bullshit ignorant government propaganda my way, please.  Thank you very much.)…   It’s been known that fluoride hardens tooth enamel when applied topically (You can find such studies also referenced in HERE, and HERE).  Problem is, trace amounts of tooth paste may be ingested, so I certainly would never suggest fluoride toothpaste, and especially not for young children, animals, adults with a still-healthy brain, and the elderly.  Also well established is that ingestion of fluoride does NOT have this enamel-hardening effect, and in fact may cause ‘Dental fluorosis’, a developmental disturbance of dental enamel (incl. brown stains, pitting or mottling of enamel), caused by excessive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride during tooth development, (HERE), as well as an enormous list of detrimental health effects from increasing the likelihood of hip fractures, to lowering IQ, to cancer, and so forth.  Check embedded links above for evidence of those.

(What do they drink at CDC? I mean come on, folks, wake up!)  Okay, enough on that , back to my comparison, now with one more map added, that of the 2012 Presidential Elections.  The added map I found HERE:  


As you can see, the reverse correlation is visible here too, but it doesn’t show up as pronounced in some areas.   You can spot areas with higher density of (conservative in many other respects) blacks in the south on the 2012 federal election map, for instance, where there is neither much online LGBT activism, nor regional fluoridation differences.  Also notable: uniformly unfloridated Utah, with its strong culture of conservative Mormon indoctrination, shows areas liberal causes increasingly taking root.  And the US South is under the spell of the Satanic ‘Christian Right’, in itself a powerful influence.

Given the Democrats have played the hope card (“Hope you can Believe in”, what I’d call ‘hopenosis’ of a blatant Orwellian type), and the Republicans the fear-card (Terror! Terror! You’re Either With Us Or Against Us… Blah Blah Blah) in at least the past decade or longer, it’s not a surprise that the same pattern shows up on Electoral maps.  (For a historical education, have a look at the Republican Platform in 1956, unrecognizable half a century later.)  I’m of neither party and there are elements in both that I resonate with.  For a very gross generalization, I’d say that liberal’ preferences generally favor the wellbeing of human beings and society as a whole, and favor taking care of each other; and ‘conservative’ orientations seem to generally being ultimately more concerned with private property rights, self-defense, and independence.  Both use demagoguery techniques and are totally in the pockets of big corporations and the Central Banksters (MSNBC link).  As The Huffington Post pointed out, same-sex marriage gets more support in the more liberal areas.  If favoring civil rights, liberty, freedom of choice, celebrating diversity and nonconformity have something to with brain health, then fluoridation-induced brain damage would make one less likely to take a stand, right?  Next, I’m going to see if there’s suggestive statistical evidence for this…

The way I see this, is…

  • 1) The fluoridation map (left) is compulsory, if you life in the dark blue areas of that map, you’re being forced to harm your brain if you drink the tap water.  It’s likely to make you more susceptible to fear-mongering.
  • 2) The center map, showing pro-human rights activism (going along with the most likely here), is an expression of free-will and self-determination alive and well in the not-yet–quite-censored American internet; and
  • 3) the Election Results are a mixture of free-will and more pervasive indoctrination.

TESTING A HYPOTHESIS:  Just as an exercise I’m going to entertain “the conspiracy”, namely that the intentional dosing of the public would show up in apparent suppression of interest in liberty (voluntary fearless self-determination without coersion), to keep people living in fear, making people less likely to agitate for human rights and other shackle-shedding causes.  If this is so, then darkest blue on the left would more often than not correspond with lightest blue on the right.  To get started I zoomed in on those counties with the very highest fluoridation (see below).  The resolution isn’t the best, so I may have lumped some together, but I identified these 44 regions:

Focus_HighFluorideCounties_BrainDead_annot2An Overview: With 4 the darkest Blue and 5 the Darkest Pink/Red, here’s how they match (approximately, not always completely clear on the shades of pink)

  1. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  2. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  3. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  4. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  5. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  6. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  7. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink
  8. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  9. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  10. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  11. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  12. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2/3 of 5 on Pink
  13. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  14. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  15. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  16. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  17. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink 
  18. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink 
  19. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  20. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2//2/3  of 5 on Pink
  21. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  22. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  23. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  24. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  25. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  26. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink 
  27. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  28. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  29. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink
  30. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2/3 of 5 on Pink
  31. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  32. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink
  33. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2/3 of 5 on Pink
  34. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  35. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  36. 4 of 4 on Blue , 3 of 5 on Pink
  37. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  38. Apparently I skipped 38… Here’: an MLK quote that goes with Age 38.
  39. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2/3 of 5 on Pink
  40. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  41. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1 of 5 on Pink
  42. 4 of 4 on Blue , 2 of 5 on Pink
  43. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink 
  44. 4 of 4 on Blue , 1/2 of 5 on Pink 
  • Out of 43, spot-on matches (darkest blue (4) and Lightest Pink (1 or 1/2)):  26 (60.4%)
  • Out of 43, darkest blue (4), 2 or 2/3 on Pink: 11 (25.6%)
  • ==> Statistically “Fitting the Pattern”:  86%
  • Out of 43, darkest blue (4), 3 on Pink:  6 (14%)
  • ==> Statistically “Neutral on the Pattern”:  14%
  • Out of 43, darkest blue (4), higher than 3 on Pink: 0 (0%)
  • ==> Statistically “contradicting the Pattern”: 0%

Conclusion:   Advocacy for liberty is extraordinarily suppressed in the most highly fluoridated counties.   Given what is known about the toxicology of fluoridation (see HERE), including lowering IQ (see HERE) and its historical use for subjugating prison populations (see HERE), there very well may be an actual conspiracy, although chances are that those perpetuating this practice have impaired intelligence due to brain-damage, rather than some sort of “evil plot”.  The continuation of this practice is nothing short of a crime against humanity.  


While doing research on this topic all afternoon, I also came across the following articles that “fit the Pattern”, so to speak:

509bedacdc6e5OMG!  Narrow-minded people may be brain-damaged!  

Compassion advised.  These Could be helpful:

[Last updated April 1, 2013]

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