Seeking Lab for Radio-isotopic Analysis of Samples. Suggestions Welcome.

April 11, 2013 Afterword:   S0me answers I received by email (or otherwise) to the request (below the dotted green line) included:


California – March 25, 2013  

Dear World,   I am looking for a qualified scientific lab I could send samples of soil, water and food to, to be tested for radioisotope content.   I’d like to know the radioactivity (in Becquerel) of samples for these radioisotopes:

  • Cesium-134,
  • Cesium-135,
  • Cesium-137,
  • Iodine-131,
  • Plutonium-241,
  • Strontium-90,
  • Tellurium-129m,
  • Yttrium-90,
  • Zirconium-95 89.

Anyone with information leading to such open-to-the-public, trustworthy with the highest integrity, high-quality accurate, sample analysis laboratory services, please leave a comment, or contact me.   Before being able to proceed with my plan to have samples tested through the regions I live in and pass through, I would like the following questions answered:

  • If some, but not all these isotopes, which ones would you be able to analyze for?
  • If you can do this, what’s your preferred way of receiving samples?
  • How is this best done for most efficient turn-around and highest accuracy?    For instance, may I send dried mushrooms, fruits and vegetables in ziplock bags, and soil samples or fluids in glass jars, well-padded for shipping in a box?  Or do you have specific containers for specific types of samples, which perhaps I could purchase from you to return by mail (USPS, FedEx or UPS?) with the to-be-tested samples in them?
  • What are the limitations on size and weight?
  • To which accuracy can you test?  0.01 Bq?
  • How long does it take from the time of receiving a sample to me receiving the test results?
  • Does it matter if the samples are dry or wet?
  • Is weighing the samples, to get a Bq/kg value, included?
  • What is the pricing for the above services?

I look very much forward to hearing from a lab, or a lead to a good lab.   Thank you.

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