Useless Nuclear Disaster Information! — [Fukushima Update – February 2013]

Our planetary nuclear situation will remain rather unaffected by me merely sharing bits and pieces of recent radiation data.  We need technologies invented or implemented to make the abundance of clean & simple fuel-free electrical power available to all, quickly.  And more importantly, people need to get in touch with their bodies and heart.  Meanwhile, please join me in overdosing on nuclear news by clicking on every embedded link in this Fukushima Update (maybe my last update on this topic!  {yeah right… haha}).  At least check the headline and skim the rest. I admit not having read everything I link to myself this time.

( But perhaps, first read my Disclaimer: I am human. )

I don’t think my efforts to relay and organize information and info sources matter.   Plenty of others are doing it too (like here, here, here, there, there, there, and this here, and this and that, and so forth, to name just a few).  I have made myself just about as useful to this ongoing far-reaching catastrophe as those few intellectuals who ponder the event is ‘a turning point in the conception, role and management of technology in industrial societies’.  Wishful thinking…   I find that so sadly laughable in the face of 67 new reactors being currently under construction.  

Here’s some news.  Pick a word (articles all from past 10 months), from this rather random selection: bleak / deteriorating / urgent / precarious / dire and long-lasting / cannot / ‘unusually overgrown thyroid glands’ / …).  You get the idea.

If you actually bothered to read all those articles, I understand I will be able to waste only so much more of your time.  Just for old time’s sake, I’d like to waste your time with information that will, almost certainly, be just as utterly useless to you (and probably uninspiring, given the nature of the topic) as the above.

Click Image (Courtesy of the AsiaToGaza Daily) for source:

Click Image (Courtesy of the AsiaToGaza Daily) for source:

I’ll start with the current conditions at Fukushima Daiichi NPP:  The mess will likely remain dismal and precarious for years or decades to come, but significant progress is being made towards, eventually,  bringing the disaster under control (see HERE, for instance).   Pretty useless, right?  I mean, what will you do more with that than me?  And I’m just parroting it along.

Certain fish still swim long-distances… And so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that ALL Tuna tested off California contained some amounts of carcinogenic Cesium-137 from Fukushima:

“[…] Japanese and U.S. officials – of course – are pretending that the amount of radiation found in the bluefin is safe.  But the overwhelming scientific consensus is that there is no safe level of radiation … and radiation consumed and taken into the body is much more dangerous than background radiation. […]”

Anyhow, if you haven’t had enough of this yet, knock yourself out sifting through all these countries’ online radiation data, which I assembled for your convenience awhile back.  How about… I feed you some more:  Check out the giant waste water holding tanks HERE!  Impressive, eh?   It seems the employees of TEPCO are doing what they can, but any talk of the disaster somehow being ‘contained’ was just propaganda. Just propaganda as usual.

The contamination of the surrounding regions is turning out worse than previously estimated.  (See, for instance, this awful tale of a wild mushroom farm, in The New York Times 2/17/2013, HERE).  And you probably may have heard that the leaking of radioactively contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean continues.   Off the Japan Coast, some seafood is becoming so contaminated, it surpasses food maxima limits IN the ocean.  From this past week:

Bass swimming in the Pacific Ocean off Chuba, nearly 200 kilometers (!) south of the nuclear disaster site, measured 130 Bq (Cs-137) /Kg  (!) (becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram), well above the maximum 100 Bq/Kg, a dubious standard to begin with.  (SOURCE)

For an endless stream of updates on this challenge for humanity (and commitment to safeguard the waste for many tens of thousands of years…), here’s a menu of news sources.   To become annoyingly “overinformed”, I suggest you check ‘m all, daily, and try to talk about it with people you meet:

By now you probably also got the idea that this disaster will be evolving on a time scale of years and decades, rather than day by day, week by week.  Centuries, in fact, and when we get really serious about nuclear waste, you have to think in terms of many thousands of years.  You have to consider sea level rises and drops, interglacials and ice ages, meteor hits and earthquakes at least as powerful as those known to occur.  

Speaking of, that is just one of many things that make me shake my head and go, “For real?  The Fukushima reactors were designed to be able to withstand earthquakes up to a 7.9 only? Seriously?”  (See HERE (WSJ))  That seems criminally negligent.  It is well known that stronger quakes occur in and around Japan.  For just these past 100 years:

  • 8.1  Kuril Islands, 2007
  • 8.3 Kuril Islands, 2006
  • 8.3  Hokkaido, 2003
  • 8.2  Tokachi, 1968
  • 8.1  Hokkaido, 1952
  • 8.1  Nankaidō, 1946
  • 8.1  Tōnankai, 1944
  • 8.4  Sanriku,  1933
  • 8.3  Kantō, 1923

Bigger yet: Three estimated 8.6’s (on the Richter Scale) occurred as recently as 1707, 1498 and 869 CE.  And so forth.  You get my drift.  I’m just rambling.   But designing for just a 7.9…  Who are these people???

The construction of nuclear reactors could NEVER have been approved without industry lies and government collusion, fact distortions, massive subsidies, & public perception manipulation.

CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE and pdf excerpts

CLICK IMAGE for SOURCE and pdf excerpts

Their low ethical standards, -and the 7.9 design is just one example-, show a blatant disregard for the inherent risks of large scale nuclear technology and the inevitable consequences for people and kin.

For some basic facts, I suggest the pdf. A Primer in the Art of Deception – The Cult of Nuclearists, Uranium Weapons and Fraudulent Science’, by Paul Zimmerman.   Good information.



The technology does not yet even exist if something were to go awfully wrong!  (Oops, it just did, again…)   The nuclear industry and the people & governments that ‘support it’, remind me of a George Orwell quote (from his 1948 book, ‘1984’):

“What can you do, thought Winston, against the lunatic who is more intelligent than yourself, who gives your arguments a fair hearing and then simply persists in his lunacy?”

The technology seems to have its own mad momentum, ignoring critics, downplaying the dangers, downplaying the cancers, barely and merely being ‘hopeful’ to find a solution for the thousands of tons of nuclear waste piling up all over the world.  In the light of the challenges we face, I am disheartened when I see strong characters in the nuclear industry elite show not even a hint of genuine caring or humbleness.  Not even sorrow, regret or embarrassment.   They just want to keep going, as if nothing happened…

Here’s two examples (below).  Just nice ‘nuclear folks’, you know.  They look respectable, don’t they?  Just look, then read up on what they’re part of, their stances, their agenda, …  then look at those photos again and ponder the possibility that you may actually be looking at dangerously deranged psychopaths.

  • Last week,  Mr. Yukiya Amano,  Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA),  sketches the situation [my emphasis added in bold and red; anything added in green]:
Mr. Yukiya Amano is the current Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  While opposed to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Mr Amano has come out in support of expanding nuclear power generation worldwide.

Mr. Yukiya Amano is the current Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). While opposed to the proliferation of nuclear weapons, Mr Amano has come out in support of expanding nuclear power generation worldwide.

” […] Some people predicted that nuclear power would go into decline.  However, the evidence suggests that this will not be the case.

Some European countries announced plans to move away from nuclear power.  But, globally, nuclear power looks set to continue to grow steadily, although more slowly than we expected before the Fukushima Daiichi accident.

There are 437 operating nuclear power reactors in the world today. The latest IAEA projections, which are based on what Member States tell us, suggest that number could increase by 80 or 90 in the next 20 years. It could even double.

There are 67 new reactors under construction. The main growth in the coming decades is expected in countries such as China and India, which are already major users of nuclear power.

South Africa, as you know, plans to build more reactors in the coming decades. A number of other countries have taken the decision to introduce nuclear power, including Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, Nigeria, Poland and Vietnam. […]”  — SOURCE: IAEA, Feb. 8, 2013 statement.

Speaking of the IAEA’s goal to expand nuclear waste production, looks like they sure are ‘helping’ TEPCO find the right leadership to get the job done:  Enter

  • Lady Barbara Judge (UK/USA), a lawyer and businesswoman who used to head the UK’s IAEA wing (UKAEA) “has been called in by TEPCO” (right…), the company behind the Fukushima mess, to help relaunch Japan’s nuclear power program!   After visiting the site (besides that it was ‘fantastic’), she reportedly stated:

“What was astonishing was the optimism and hope shown by the workers that these plants can be made safe, and that they can start operating again”.

SOURCE:  CLICK IMAGE to continue reading.

SOURCE: CLICK IMAGE to continue reading this propaganda piece from CNN.

She knows damn well the 3 reactors suffered irreversible meltdowns.  If that weren’t enough, they were ruined when seawater was poured into them.   They can never be restarted.  No nuclear engineer could have told her otherwise.  This is PR (public relations).   Actually it’s a ‘perception management’ technique by making something impossible sound plausible (perceived plausibility is established by making someone very intelligent say the lies with confidence), so that something that’s in fact extremely risky (in this case, one could call it ‘insane’), but a possibility (such as NOT shutting down all nuclear reactors), would then sound ‘relatively sane’, and thus deflate outspoken opposition.  They know what they’re doing.  (Technically, it’s ‘mind control‘.) Their objective is to keep nuclear power generation going, no matter what.

SO, expect to be targeted with nuclear propaganda.  It can be no other way.  If the greed-driven nuclear industry suddenly were to become honest and caring, they would expedite phasing themselves out for good.  They’re making it clear they have no such intentions.   For perhaps another couple years they’ll continue to play the ‘We’re Fighting Global Warming’ card.  And along that “green” vein, you’ll start hearing more about those supposed “totally safe” ‘micro- and mini-reactors’, ‘Thorium Reactors (see also HERE), and ‘Molten Salt Reactors’, all heralded as being good for U.S. jobs, the environment, energy independence, and being ‘for peace’ (give or take some war over Uranium, but I digress…).   Fact remains, all those nukes create nuclear waste, and we’ll have to deal with that waste.

Hat’s off to those who’re doing just that!  Thank you.  

The reason for this lengthy ramble is: I’ve been wondering how I can best focus my energy.  

I don’t think playing ‘amateur newscaster’, ‘public educator’, or some sort of ‘investigative journalist’ is the best use of my time.  I do it mainly just to kill time.  I also intended it to be helpful, but I don’t think any of my writing here has made any difference whatsoever.  None.   And I don’t think it will, or even can.   I’ll leave all I wrote on the topic as a bread crumb to less radioactive past, but will likely not be blogging on the topic much more, unless I have something more original to share.   (Some pages might remain useful for quite awhile, like my page ‘Radiation Units  (essential to better understand news reports on radiation)’, ‘Radiation Exposure Effects  (to better see through deceptive reports on radiation)’, as well as the online monitors at Current Radiation Levels‘, all of which continue to see daily hits.)

While I’m good at organizing and processing loads of information (some say), and I think I’m able to make a case for why nuclear energy must be considered ‘not an option’, I feel drawn to greener pastures.  One could say that I give up before I’ve even barely gotten started.   But I can see that those who went much further and did just that: who’ve written the books, documented their assertions, founded anti-nuclear organizations, and so forth [see this, that, and the other],-let’s just be frank about this: they all had close to no effect on nuclear policy whatsoever.   Our words fall on deaf ears.   Reading this might make you more informed, but so what?  What are you going to do?  Sign a petition?  Write a letter to a CEO to get some well-crafted bullshit form letter back?  Write an informative blogpost about it, so perhaps a few more people learn what you learned as well?  I do appreciate that some others are doing it, don’t get me wrong.  Here’s a still-good one from April 2012 on Washington’s Blog:

Nuclear Power Is Expensive and Bad for the Environment … It’s Being Pushed Because It Is Good For Making Bombs

But I want to be effective.  Having my facts straight, and being able to make well-founded logical arguments is actually completely irrelevant when it comes to the nuclear establishment.  They’re insane (*).  

Sweet dreams,

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