Get your copy of the Leaked Draft Of IPCC AR5 (Incl. Torrent source – download free).

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Arcata, CA (USA) – Dec 14, 2012 — A Second DRAFT of the highly anticipated IPCC AR5 (= Intergovernmneta Panel on Climate Change – Assessment Round # 5), due to be released in 2014 after some more editing, has been LEAKED. ;-)  The IPCC is not amused, as they would rather keep the whole process secret until they’re done receiving (and ignoring again?) comments (till March 2013), and done editing (to match their PR campaign).  Understandable.  They’ve done such a fine job manipulating public perception on the issue, that this leaked AR5 could indeed “cause confusion”.  That’s what makes this leaked document so interesting, and why it’s worth scrutinizing: from my first impression, it’s still full of very interesting contradictions and ‘inconvenient’ facts (inconvenient to maintain the so-called “consensus” accomplished in previous Assessment Rounds, that is.).

  • Many thanks to the hard work of meteorologist & blogger Anthony Watts at WUWT (Watts Up With That,, an award-winning blog which has been an incredible platform for sharing science, opinion and various pieces of underreported information on the topic of climate change).  I disagree with some of Anthony’s and other WUWT contributors’ sociopolitical opinions, but as far as climate science goes, I very deeply appreciate his efforts to give voice to diverging viewpoints, and exposing apparent political meddling.  Read his game-changing blog post, with the latest updates:

Over a year ago, I put together a blog post in an attempt to explain my skepticism about the attribution of the causation of global warming seen in the modern era: Nov 27, 2011 – “Why I Question the CO2-driven Global Warming “Scientific Consensus.”  I stand by what I wrote then, and now -end of 2012- it looks like that “scientific consensus” is about to be exposed as having been wrong on quite a number of issues.  Ha! (Sorry, but I really can say, “told you so!”)  The IPCC was wrong, not on documenting the changing climate – no, they did an excellent job there – Just wrong on industrial emissions being the cause of MOST global warming seen at the end of the 20th century, and all the fear-mongering projections that sprung from that theory.

The upcoming IPCC AR5  (see the United Nation’s description at, isn’t actually due to be released until March 2014.  So, they have a year to tinker with it, edit it, and make the science match their intended public relations (PR).  Previous ARs (I read AR3 & AR4) were so behind on the science, it turned me into a skeptic.  I’m down with the general premise of cutting back pollution, but if the truth doesn’t even matter anymore, count me out.  I have no tolerance for manipulation or deception.

I may weigh in on what I find in it myself (when I find time to read some chapters after work perhaps), but for now, here’s two views from folks who’ve started to look into it already:

NOTE:  Every page of the IPCC AR5 DRAFT documents state clearly “Do Not Quote, Cite or Distribute’, so be VERY careful with drawing conclusions from anything found in there.  The key bombshell is that some scientists involved have managed to include (at least into the draft) overwhelming evidence that the SUN (imagine that!) affects climate much more than can be explained by changes in its Irradiance alone.   To learn more about just that, see my overview: ‘Why I Question the CO2-driven Global Warming “Scientific Consensus”‘, which delves into that missing aspect of this extremely complex science.


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