Health-Hazard and Capitalism/Colonialism-Symbol ‘Coca-Cola’ to be Banned in Bolivia.


Soundtrack for this blog post:  ‘Drink of Death Squads’, by David Rovics:

  • Coca-Cola is a ‘soft drink’ that’s a bit on the harsh side to the body.
'Coca-Cola Can 2013' - digital collage art by Michaël VB, 2012.

‘Coca-Cola Can 2013’ – digital collage art by Michaël VB, 2012.

It contains, among other things:  high fructose corn syrup (interruption  of the hunger-satiety hormones, more fat production, weight gain), phosphoric acid (rust converter, corrosive), potassium benzoate (E211) [being phases out due to link been discovered to hyperactivity  and causing damage to DNA), carbonated water (CO2) [acidifies the water], caffeine (1,3,7-trimethylxanthine) [stimulant, doses 250-500 mg can result in restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, and tremors. Over 500 mg, you risk the chance to ‘ENJOY’ the hyperadrenergic syndrome resulting in seizures and cardiovascular instability], E150d (sulfite ammonia caramel coloring),… Well, you get my drift.

Soon, you’ll only find it in hardware stores, next to other corrosive “supplements” with black on orange crosses and skulls on the bottles. (I made a quick spoof image for this post, left)

[Don’t even get me started on the artificial sweetener Aspartame…, linked to metabolic changes, Type 2 Diabetes, poisonous to insects, etc…]

Bolivia just banned Coca-Cola:

Bolivia has announced that it will ban the Coca-Cola company by the end of the year:

Bolivia Set To Banish Coca-Cola To Mark Mayan End Of Capitalism – Forbes

“[…] this impoverished nation is making headlines due to its Minister of External Affairs recent announcement that the Coca-Cola Company, one of the world’s largest corporations, is to be booted out of there by year’s end.

David Choquehuanca, the minister in question, explained that Coca-Cola will be expelled from Bolivia on the same day that the Mayan calendar enters a new cycle–December 21. According to Choquehuanca, the date marks the end of capitalism and the start of a culture of life in community-based societies. In order to celebrate that, Bolivia’s government is already planning a series of events that will take place at the Southern Hemisphere’s Summer Solstice on La Isla del Sol, one of the largest islands in Lake Titicaca. […]” continue reading at Forbes.


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