Prediction Was Correct: Obama won US Presidential Election. No Change Either Way: Empire stays on its course.

Election show went as predicted (Final main candidates, Captivating show till the end, and Obama winning), as I wrote well over half a year ago, on March 18, 2012 (shortened with changed emphasis – click here for that original 3/18/2012 blog post):

IMAGE SOURCE: news service on 3/15/2011

I bet in 7 months and 4 days (after April 1st) we’ll be hearing about the re-election of Barrack Hussein Obama.  Okay, maybe it will be “a close call”, maybe even requiring a recount a la Bush, jr.’s round II, but win he will.  And it is certain to be a captivating show from now till then.  See, in my bizarro world of “how the world actually works”, he’s already won.  In fact, in my reality, he was appointed an 8-year term in 2008 by some secret cabal directed by the Federal Reserve, but I digress… Just like then, the circus from now till the November US elections is just that: entertainment.  […] Ron Paul (TX -R), […] is just there to add “an air of credibility” to the system itself […], in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter AT ALL who “wins”.   The final race show will be between Obama and Romney.  In current day America, the only ones who get to the final race (with any chance of winning at all) anyhow are candidates who will carry out whatever the national priority agenda is.  Voila, that’s my prediction.

Except for the possibility of dragging out the election with a recount or such a close call that a new election would be required, it went relatively smooth (except perhaps for this) and as planned.  Washington’s Blog offers this sane reflection:  They Aren’t “Third Parties” … They Are SECOND Parties, Since the GOP and Dems Act as ONE Party On The Core Issues.

Anyhow.  I hope the people who believe in the system at least had fun.

Majority of each county reportedly voted either Democrat (blue) or Republican (red). Blue won the Electoral College vote, and it looks like Blue (Obama) also won by popular vote, albeit by not that large of a margin.

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