Belgium – (9) – Street Art and Slogans on Walls in Leuven

These photos below show just a few examples of guerilla street art (non-permitted, but often tolerated).

Stickers on pipes and electric boxes are fairly common.  Graffiti on boring blank walls that aren’t somebody’s neat private residence, as well as on bridges, highway pillars, cargo trains and concrete fences, are rarely painted over, leaving many otherwise boring areas sometimes surprisingly refreshing (yet sometimes awfully ghetto, too).  That’s something I love about the culture of public artistic liberty that lives in much of Europe.  In my experience, this stands in contrast to that of many cities in the United States where graffiti on walls rarely makes it till the next month, if that.

I didn’t have time to explore the urban graffiti landscape, but these selected street art pieces do also give a glimpse into the still-thriving subculture:

Art by guerrilla street artist ‘DinDin’, Leuven (Belgium).
For information about how she makes such awesome art,
Click image for article IN DUTCH:
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012

Sticker on Rain Pipe (on the street front of a house), Leuven, Belgium.
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012

Several examples of glued-on paint on rice paper art, on a background of pathetic territorial pissings style graffiti, in corner in the Diestestraat, Leuven, Belgium.
Of the four notable ones, I dig the Giraffe and Dragon Fly art the best.
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012.

And then there’s the random slogans, usually with some political rebellious slant, most usually appearing anarchist or at least anti-establishment in tone.  A couple examples.  Another example was shown a couple days ago in the post ‘Flanders, Belgium – (3) – Distance: in Kilometer, Language and Fuel Price‘.  Here’s two more, also in Leuven:

Not sure how to translate this. Perhaps… ‘Bring down (to the floor) the cop in your head.’
Photo of wall in Leuven, Belgium

Literal translation could be ‘resistance makes alive’, but it boils down to ‘Resistance is Fertile’
On wall in Leuven, Belgium
All Photos © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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