Belgium – (6) – A Couple Art Galleries in Knokke…

Storks on a Monday near ‘t Zwin, Knokke, Belgium
Photo © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012.

It was a Monday, and apparently the bird sanctuary and tidal nature preserve ‘Het Zwin (by the North Sea on the Dutch-Belgian border), is closed on Mondays… 

So we had lunch and a walk in the nearby Knokke instead.  Part of town, Knokke-Zoute, has been an extremely richy-rich fancy beach town, and that affluence has its up-sides, such as… very nice art galleries.  ;-)  A small selection:

Partial panoramic (no flash, but with visual errors created by the digital processing), Left: ‘High Priestess’, Right: ‘Chained’, both by Belgian Fine Arts Photography Master Marc Lagrange.   —-  CLICK IMAGE to see much more of his work at his website, and for other exhibits at the Absolute Art Gallery, click through its link above. Such life-sized exquisite quality prints can cost up to 36,000 euro.  Contact the artist if you’re blessed with such fortunes.

  • Last year I discovered the work of DAÏMA, an incredible artist from the Central Asian country Ouzbekistan, at the D’HAUDRECY Art Gallery on the (now car-free) avenue lining the beach in Knokke-Zoute.  Here’s a partial side-view of the Daïma painting that originally caught my interest:

Art by Daîma (Ouzbekistan). CLICK IMAGE for many more examples at  Photo taken from side-walk through glass.

The Gallery’s exhibit had just ended and the gallery was closed, so I could only see a few remaining works through the window.  But here’s a couple more, from


  • Further down the street, paintings by French painter Eugène BEGARAT, as well as other artists, uplift this lovely gallery:

I forgot to take down the name of this gallery in Knokke-Zoute, but it was mainly the art by French artists Eugene Begarat (at least the first 3 on left) that drew me in. CLICK IMAGE for more by same artist.

A Zoom-in of the second and third painting above, both by French artists Eugene Begarat:

Art by Eugene Begarat, as seen in art gallery in Knokke-Zoute, Belgium in September 2012.

  • Strolled by Gallerie Corbyn, here showing a side-street reflection with what are likely luxery cars (in abnormally high concentration in Knokke-Zoute during the summer):

Click for more information at

  • And while I could keep going like that for awhile, the North Sea herself is always a lovely inspiration too…

CLICK IMAGE to listen to song ‘De Noordzee’ by Boudewijn De Groot.
Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012.

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