Belgium – (1) – Photo highlights of my visit: Arrival Aerials and Skies

Leuven, Belgium – Lately, I’ve abandoned this blog due to more frequent posting (just for friends and the NSA) on Facebook.  Time to catch up and reverse the trend back!

I arrived by plane coming from Washinton, DC.  Belgium is so tiny that on the descend, you see it from England between part of France and Holland.  Here’s a map, with my plane’s approximate path heading to the green circle, where I spent most my time (Leuven – Brussel), and the two areas shown in the photos below (Brugge & Antwerp, respectively):

Click to enlarge.  Note the scale: from Leuven to Brussels is less than 30 miles.

From the air upon arrival, here is a look at the (artificially created) Harbor of Sea-Brugge, the canal to the picturesque medieval town of Brugge, with the old circular-star pattern, found in most old towns in Flanders:

Brugge and surroundings, as see from plane, upon arrival in Belgium.  Photo:  © Michaël Van Broekhoven

On the way to land in Zaventem (Brussels International Airport, BRU), in the distance (zoomed in a bit) the city of Antwerp by the River Schelde is very clearly visible, with its gigantic harbor with petrochemical industry, and across the river the cooling towers of the nuclear power plants of Doel. Related article from this August: ‘Thousands of cracks found in Belgian nuclear power plant’.  That’s that one, top left in the photo, probably powering my laptop right now.    The horizon area is already The Netherlands:

Antwerp and surroundings from plane upon landing in Brussels, Belgium.  Photo:  © Michaël Van Broekhoven

The sky in places like Europe is always such a trip to me, at least compared to the vast open wilderness areas I’m used to in Western North America.  Last winter when I was here I did a blogpost just on that: Skies Over Belgium (January 17, 2012).   Here’s one from arrival day, later in the day, and one from at sunset on another day:

A typical sky in Belgium.  Summer 2012.

Sunset with evening air traffic.  Between Brussels and Louvain, Summer 2012.

More photos from visit to Belgium shortly!

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