Glympses from the Road – Southern Oregon

On my trip moving from Boulder, CO to the West Coast, I took these couple photos after I left Ashland (Oregon), passing through the Applegate Valley (July 8, 2012 – I think)

Local Paper.  Article about one of many shows at Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival (in Ashland, Oregon) which I would have checked out if I had stayed longer.

Whether it was the heat, the long drive starting to affect my state of mind, or simply things not feeling ‘in the flow’ that day, I decided not to move to Ashland, at least not any time soon, I think.  Onward I went…

The Applegate Valley, between Ashland and Grants Pass, is gorgeous indeed.  (Thanks the couple folks who recommended it!)

On the way into Jacksonville, Oregon.

Southern Oregon countryside, along the small rural highway 238. (Panoramic 180 degree shot, July 2012)

Nice bar / restaurant in Williams, OR. Perfect watering hole.

With the idea of taking a shortcut to Cave Junction through the woods, I took a left somewhere, more on feeling than anything else.  (For orientation, I look online at stops with wifi, or just ask locals (as good as any reason to start a conversation), as I traveled without a map nor gps).   It’s quite possible to get there that way, but also easy to get lost, and because the road turns into a one-laner that curves a lot, not any faster.  So I was told, and thus -contrary to other inclinations- I ended up going by way of Grants Pass after all, after this sweet stop first.

Mainly because I’m not so much a fan of airco,  I needed another break. It was 105 F  in Ashland earlier that day.  A sign for ‘Rascals – Bar and Grill’ pulled me in for some lovely live music by laid back hippie-style locals (guitar, drum, vocals).  Felt a bit like “Welcome back t the Pacific Northwest”…

At Rascals in Williams, OR.

Nice collection of Rock ‘n Roll event posters, too, showing a sampling of the owner’s good times at concerts, often including the original entry tickets.  Here’s some more:

And onward I went…

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