Glympses from the Road – Nevada

I took these couple photos between on the I-80 driving west through Nevada, turned North on the 95 at Winnamucca, through ‘Humboldt County, Nevada’, to then take the 140 towards Oregon…  (Still all on July 7, 2012):

By Wendover, Nevada (close to the Utah border, on I-80) July 7, 2012

Panoramic shot (180 degrees) inside some Casino I peaked my head in. I was immediately told that I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside on the ‘floor’. Okay…  (If they’d told me that a notch nicer I would still have eaten there.)

Humboldt County, Nevada. No big trees, but gorgeous nonetheless. That’s the 140, just after turning left from the 95 north. Late afternoon July 7, 2012.

Northwestern Nevada.  Pretty desolate out there… Not even much traffic…

Denio Junction, NV, along Highway 140.  Classic!  ;-)  
Population: “about 60”.
The bar also serves as a grocery store, cafe, restaurant, gas station, and motel. The guys were watching some big wrestling competition happening in Las Vegas.  Late July 7, 2012.

Other side of the bar/store:

They warned me that it would take a bit longer than I’d think, because of all the wildlife in the wildlife refuge… Warnings for bighorn sheep, cows, horses, deer,…  Swerving, slamming on breaks, going slow…  Roadkill and blood-stained asphalt all over, for miles and miles…    Missed nearly all of ‘m, but not all. ;-/  Aweful to cause roadkill, but there’s not much you can do when a rabbit jumps in front of your car…

‘tonk!’   R.I.P. Unknown Desert Bunny…     ;-(


Made it to Lakeview, OR after that.

(Photos taken after Lakeview, OR (July 8-9, 2012) will have to wait until my just-ordered replacement camera-to-USB cable arrives.  It vanished into The Great Void, somewhere along the way to the beach…)

On a little break in the darkness, I watched a beautiful yellow moon rise over the horizon while listening to howling coyotes very nearby…

Wish you where here…

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