Driveabout, the Sequel. (Coffee Stop in Laramie, WY) + …Already in California ;-)

Beachcomber Café, Trinidad, California – July 10, 2012

So, I left Colorado for greener pastures.    Don’t really have a plan yet, just decided to return to the west coast, which I left (as a home location) some 4 years ago. Rented a car, put my stuff in it, and, couple days later, here I am:       

It’s actually really FOGGY right now, but this photo (click it to see at its source,, with my annotation added, at least gives an idea of the different planet I landed on. ;-D

Last Friday, I had started a blogpost in draft, but then… over the extended weekend, I just drove 1535 miles (whoa! that’s 2470 kilometers! Comparable to a drive from Belgium to Russia or Turkey.)

So, anyhow, the blogpost wasn’t worked on…  Without further delay, here’s that unedited ‘draft/outline’.  I’ll have another post with some more photos from the drive through Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Northern California, next.

Laramie, Wyoming – July 6, 2012

The randomness

previous driveabout link … 


  • Drive from Boulder, Colorado … to the Redwoods [✔]
  • Put stuff in storage,   [✔]
  • return rental car,  [✔]
  • switch to backpack / motel for a couple days?  [✔]
  • Camping retreat
Then, these pressing goals:
  • 1) pick a West Coast area to call home (before July is through).  Somewhere sweet… North of Big Sur, South of Vancouver.  Probably Humboldt.  Just pick a spot by feel.
  • 2) find a home to live in, (by … August ???)
  • 3) generate income (job/odd jobs/trade/sell art,… – ASAP)

Downpour non-stop RAIN on my way out  ;-) 


[Added-in]: the big ‘hauling’ drive went like this:

36 hours, night’s sleep included.

coffee, 2 pics [added, below]

off and go

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– 

These 3 pics below were ready for that post too.  I’m going to leave it at this…

Cool side door, on a church downtown Laramie, Wyoming, where I took a break for an afternoon lunch & coffee break after monsoon-like rains (slow-moving start).

Coffee SHop, Laramie, WY – detail of door, below:

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