Gorgeous 2-day Time-Lapse of Flagstaff Fire in Boulder

Added, July 2, 2012:  Flagstaff Fire is under control, as per Boulder EOM:

SOURCE: http://www.boulderOEM.com/emergency-status
(July 2, 2012 screenshot)

  • Must see.  So beautiful:

h/t Twitter #FlagstaffFire

By , who shared at the posting on http://vimeo.com/44911209:

“The night portions are the best, watch once all the way through to see them!
Began 3pm on Tuesday 6/26, ended 10am Thursday 6/28
Shot through the window of the Snapjoy office on the 5th floor of the Colorado Building in Boulder.
Canon 5D Mark III + 50mm f/1.4 + Opteka Intervalometer + Canon A/C Adapter”

More information Sources, HERE.

And, while I’m checking those myself, the latest from Boulder Emergency Managementhttp://boulderoem.com/emergency-status (<– click that or the Twitter stream above to get the actual latest):

June 29 – 3:55 p.m. – Back burn will produce smoke
Firefighting crews will be igniting a “back burn” within the fire perimeter that will produce heavy smoke throughout the afternoon and may cause concern for residents and visitors. The back burn is a planned activity where flame is applied to fuels in the fire zone that have not yet burned in order to strengthen the perimeter around the fire.A lot of smoke will be visible, but the fire is not flaring up on its own. Experienced crews are coordinating this effort with the intent of decreasing the potential for future exansion from the Flagstaff Fire.
June 29 – 12:10 p.m. – Smoke
The heavy smoke visible in the Boulder Valley and foothills is NOT from local fires. There are many other fires burning in the region which have caused smoke to setlle in the area. Smoke from non-local fires is likely to remain visible for several days.
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