Nice rain, Boulder Fire expected to be contained this weekend. Small Lightning Fire in Check.

!–> For latest Boulder Fire info, click through any of the links HERE, or check these:

It rained super hard in North Boulder.  Very nice.

Fire danger remains extreme, though.  In this heat moisture doesn’t last very long.

Many dozens of lightning strikes struck around the Flatirons near the Flagstaff fire (just west of South Boulder), some causing lots of smoke.  Above (between the first and second flatiron if seen perpendicularly) a tree caught fire, and that fire reportedly is brought under control by both a ground crew, and with helicopter support.

OEM 4:40 pm:  There is a small fire burning on Green Mountain above the first and second Flatirons. Crews are fighting the fire from the air and a ground crew is hiking into the area.”


  • I took this photo on way to groceries, and then annotated it at home:

Boulder Office of Emergency Management (7:08 pm update on June 28): “The spot fire on Green Mountain above the first and second Flatirons remains under control. Drops from the air have been effective and ground crews are on the scene.”

[last updated 7.56 pm  Th. 6/28/2012]

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