Monday June 18 – High Park Fire Update

Unless something changes dramatically for the worse, I won’t post about this massive fire again (I think).  All the links to find out what’s up are HERE.  Also, the place I care about most in that area is likely to remain out of harm’s way.  Thanks to the extra time,  Shambhala Mountain Center near Red feather Lakes is now very well prepared,  (see their update at the bottom of this blogpost).  

  • From Boulder: This photo below was taken yesterday, late afternoon, from the hill just south of Wonderland Lake, looking north (lake’s hidden behind trees).  Hasn’t been smoky in Boulder in several days.  The High Park Fire is about 50 miles north of here (about 80 kilometers):

Sunday June 17, 2012 — Looking north from North Boulder, Colorado.

From the links on my over post “High Park Fire’s distance to Shambhala Mountain Center (map)”:

  • Inciweb: (as accessed Monday morning 9 am): “The High Park Fire is located approximately 15 miles west of Fort Collins and has burned 58,046 acres to date and is estimated 45 percent contained.”  [= fire size is approx. 235 square kilometers.]
  • The Denver Post: “Wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour have been screaming across the High Park fire forcing helicopters that have been helping to fight the blaze west of Fort Collins to stay on the ground, and prompting a number of new evacuations.  The choppers — 18 are fighting the fire — are down until further notice.
  • Time (US): “The fire has destroyed at least 181 homes, the most in state history. It surpassed the Fourmile Canyon wildfire that destroyed 169 homes near Boulder two years ago.” (a fire that destroyed 2 homes of friends of mine back then)

Larimer Sheriff’s Fire map Detail:

The Northwestern corner of the High Park Fire, Larimer County Sheriff’s map of June 17, 2012, with couple names added in blue by me.

!–> From Shambhala Mountain Center’s Facebook (public page):

(June 18, 2012 10 am update:)


“So I got a chance to go to Boulder yesterday to connect with the Senior Management and SMC Staff. It was great to see people I was hoping to see up here for programs this summer! 

In the meetings, I presented the latest update on what the Dorje Kasung/Fire crew were doing in preparation for the worst, if that was to happen. We supposedly were going to have some time to rest yesterday; that didn’t happen, but it was definitely more relaxed than the previous days. So we are soaking the perimeter of the Stupa with water now 24 hours a day. The trees are cleared around the water tower on Amrita road. We have soakers and sprinklers in the Buddha Fields.  The perimeter using the Padma road is being “widened” as the grass cut very low. The fire and garden hoses are being organized to be utilized around the land where needed. 

Just to share what we do in the event where things get serious and there is a complete evacuation called. The folks that are here not on the fire team will leave to Fort Collins, the six of us will report to Station #4 just down the road (SMC staff consist of half the fire crew for the neighborhood.) We start communicating evacuations for the neighborhood along 68-C as well as prepping the buildings by using foam and fire retardant foam spray. And then we wait for backup and then the fire. We are very aware of what is happening beyond the ridge and am sure that we will see thing happening here before we get official notice. Nothing is going to sneak up on us.”

  • More info can also be found at Denver Shambhala, which used one of my earlier annotated maps [you’r welcome :-)]  :

 —end update—

Peace  – Out.

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