Hedgehodge Trip (3/5): Visions of Humans Living in Harmony with Nature + Bluecifer’s Favorite Song! (Denver Airport Awesomeness)

In Part 2 of this series, our adventurous traveling Hedgehog was told lots by Elephant about one two-piece mural at the Denver International Airport, “Children of the World Dream of Peace,” by Leo Tanguna (1995).  Mr. Tanguna reportedly doesn’t understand that many people find this mural more than a bit weird ’cause he’s all about “the struggle for human liberation and human dignity.”  

Read Part 1 and Part 2, and then click through to Tanguna’s “artist statement Regarding the DIA Conspiracy Theories,” and you’ll be so relieved that he really just “tried to say that murals can be focal points depicting social issues in mirror-like reflections of ourselves. [… and that some of his works…] have been called “painted sermons” or pictorial admonishments about injustices in society.”   Fair enough.  :-)

Certainly, most everything else is only in crazy animals’ imagination… So, let’s see what else our animal friends encounter on their journey to the Animal Gathering 2012… 

Hedgehog followed Elephant around from one mural to another.

‘This one is about us,’ Elephant said, as they walked to the other side of the central connector hallway in the DIA Baggage Claim area:

‘Look, Hedgehog, same here: one side is all seemingly positive dream-like, while the other is nightmarish with prophetic and story elements of past and future,’ Elephant said, pointing at these two murals:

“In Peace and Harmony with Nature”, mural at Denver International Airport, near Baggage Claim. Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012.
Unlike the “Children of the World dream of Peace” mural, here the more disturbing scene is to the left, rather than the right of the positive mural. I’d call this the “dark side” of the “In Peace and Harmony with Nature” 2-part mural. Photo © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012

‘First,’ Elephant began, ‘let me point out a couple things about the big pretty mural…’

The large mural is beautiful, showing humans living in harmony with nature, just as they all used to.  It shows ancient tribes and clans from all over, so-called “original tribes,” people of pure blood who claim divine royal heritage.  

Look at the dancing Scottish boy, for instance.  When you just walk by in a hurry, as people often do at airports, you won’t notice, but his tribal outfit includes several telling words.  

Excerpt from book about Scottish Clans. CLICK to See Book @

At the top, there’s the words ‘[I]S RIOGHAL MO DREAM’, Gaelic for “Royal Is My Race,” the motto of all the most ancient and most honorable Scottish Highland Clans.  
Below it, in Latin ‘PER MARE – PER TERRA’, Latin for “By Sea and By Land,” which is the motto of the ancient Clan MacDonald.  It shows a hand clinging to a cross, believed by some to mean that members of this royal clan are to take ‘the Cross of Christ’ to the lost, by sea and/or by land.  
At his belt it shows a boar’s head with the words, ‘NE OBLIVISCARI’, Latin for,”Forget Not,” motto of the ancient Clan Campbell, and most likely referring to their dignified Royal origins.
Traditional costumes of many of 31 of the most ancient tribes from all over the world are worked into this mural, centered around a rainbow-colored plant, well-rooted, with flame-like leaves and including a hint of a white Peace dove, all of which emanates a bright white light.  This Plant can be understood as the ‘Christ Consciousness.’
Directedly surrounding the Christ Consciousness Plant are 12 most-worshipful Royal tribal children, similar to apostles surrounding the historical Christened Jesus. The center person appears to be an indigenous Amazonian, one of the few Royal tribes that did not forget the original instructions to stewart the land and stay in right relationship with all our relations.  

All others are gathering around:

Central Detail of “In Peace and Harmony with Nature”, a mural at the Denver International Airport. Photos © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012

All the animals are not only of immense social and spiritual significance to the various tribes with whom they share habitat, but (anno 2012, this is still the case:) they are also threatened with extinction.  Many have profound mythological significance as well.

Note the Monarch Butterflies, combining the theme of Royalty and Transformation; the Ferrets (perhaps encouraging us to “ferret out” (idiom meaning ‘to search or discover through persistent investigation’) what this is all about?  

A Quetzal bird (of South-Western Mexico, revered by the Mayans),  and Snow Lions (of the Himalayas, also associated with Tibetan Buddhism) watch on from above.   

(Just around the corner, totally coincidentally and absolutely unrelated, ;-), there’s this lit-up ad for Veterinarian Services by some Tom (“honest”), Richard (“brave power”) and Mary (“Mother of Christ” or “Love”)? [Name Etymology]  “Just ad a big boat, perhaps?”

Though “subtle” works too, with ‘A to Z’ (alpha to omega), and our friends Giraffe covering the ‘ar’ of “ark”:

DIA is ready to serve all animals. ;-)   Ad for Veterinarians @ Denver International Airport. (June 2012)

The ad reads: “Veterinarians protect the health of the entire animal kingdom, including human beings.”

 “Are the Humans going to return to being in right relationship with us?” Hedgehog asked.  

“Yes, but not until after the Great Purification.  Most people, lost in the distractions of modernity, won’t survive it, but those who remember their true nature will be safe.  There are secret safe havens just south of here.  This airport will serve humanity in the final days, before the new Golden Age,” Elephant replied.

‘And look, Hedgehog, many of the shown plants (and even frogs!) are hallucinogenic ‘entheogens’, which help humans to access the divine knowledge, benevolece and wisdom of Nature within.  Most other shown plants are either poisonous or edible:’


After taking it all in, Hedgehog walked over to the mural panel just to the left of it.   He stared wide-eyed at the dark-themed mural full of curiosity.

‘Who are the three girls in the caskets?  Why does it show the Quetzal maybe going extinct?  What city is that next to the flames?  What’s on that rock tablet?  And…’

Elephant interrupted,  ‘Okay Okay!   

These depict major genocides – From left to right:

These three dead girls are the subject of many conspiracies surrounding the Denver International Airport. Details of the dark side of ‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature’ mural.

Combining green clovers and a red Bible (Roman Catholic / Ireland association), and a Jewish star, this suggests ethnic-religious motivated conflicts of the Judeo-Christian kind: from the Inquisition to the Holocaust.

Next is a Native American women holding what looks like some kind of ‘Tawa’, a Hopi Katsina doll, representing the Spirit of the Sun.  This represents the genocide against the indigenous people, as well as the loss of much of their profound spiritual knowledge.

In the right casket is an African women in chains, representing the horrors and genocide of the slave trade and slavery, which wrecked the traditional cultures throughout Africa.  

Elephant looked sad at all the ivory…

Some details from the dark-themed side of the ‘In Peace and harmony with Nature’ mural at DIA.
Photos by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2012.


Hidden in the mural is the distant view of a great civilization that ended as it sank under water. This refers to the legend of ATLANTIS, MU and other ancient advanced civilizations that succumbed to the might of the Oceans.

According to several prophesies [example here], the previous “world” was destroyed by water, and this current one will be destroyed “by Fire.”  Partly literal, and partly symbolic, the coming turmoil coincides with the resurfacing of prophesies about great Illumination and Transformation, as shown here symbolically (with Sun and Butterfly) on a stone tablet, which looks done in a Mayan style, probably referring to a Mayan Prophesy:

A mayan girl holding a stone tablet of two ancient ancestors speaking words of Illumination and transformation? – A detail in DIA’s murals. Photo by © Elephant, 2012.

 Now let’s go meet Zebra and Giraffe outside.  They’re waiting at Bluecifer.’

‘Bluecifer?’ Hedgehog inquired.

Elephant chuckled, ‘You’ll see!  It’s a crazy statue at the entrance of the airport.’

Without saying much, Elephant lead Hedgehog around, here and their pointing his trunk at something to see.

Nobody seems to know what this so-called “New World Airport Commission” is or was, but -clearly- that the Freemasons were very much involved with this airport is no secret.  Image annotated by Elephant to point to the obvious. Photo by © Hedgehog

Interesting:  Two Gargoyles on the east and west side of Bagage Claim at DIA add to the impression that DIA is, aside from being a “New World Airport”…, also some kind of grand masonic temple (for assisting mankind out of the dark ages towards a new golden era?).

CLICK IMAGE to read more abot Gargoyles at

‘Take the elevator to the fire at Level 1.  No, actually, in case of fire, don’t use the elevator!’  ;-)  Celebrating the Wild West:

Some more advertisements…

Lit-up billboards inside the Denver International Airport.  Citizen… Soldier… Frog… Prince?  :-)

Are YOU going home tonite?  — June 2012 @ Denver International Airport

Lots of Indigenous art and history, too:

Several areas have lots of Native American portraits, history and art.  Much of it is impressively honest and unbiased in its portrayal of the horrors of the european invasion.  Seen in June 2012 @ Denver International Airport.

‘Check this out,’ said Elephant, as he pointed to an empty & dark side corner with a telephone…  ‘You won’t have to hide in someone’s luggage when you go back.  Just dial ‘ 7 7 7  and an Owl will come through this (unmarked and otherwise locked) door, and guide you through the boarding process.  Registration is a one-time thing…’

Hedgehog studied how he could climb up to the phone pad.

Very ‘Special’ Global Entry Registration…   (June 2012 @ Denver International Airport)

Elephant: ‘Owl will give you your animal RFID global tracking chip and then you can go anywhere you want.   Oh, and it’s free for terrestrials like us!’

‘My what,’ Hedgehog said puzzled, ‘RFID’?

‘Radio Frequency Identification,’ Elephant said dryly. ‘I’ll tell you more about RFID [= video] some other time.  

Let’s go outside now.  Our friends are probably here now.’

Hedgehog and Elephant greeted Giraffe and Zebra, and walked over to see Bluecifer, a giant 32 feet tall statue of a cobal blue mustang with menacing red eyes.

‘Whoa!’ said Hedgehog, ‘that’s awesome!’

‘Hello blue horsie!  How are you doing?’

;-)   This funny and poetic NYTimes article (2009),”And Behold a Big Blue Horse? Many in Denver Just Say Neigh,” worth a read.

Zebra, however thought the blue horse was spooky, and got so scared he climbed up Giraffe to hide behind his neck. But Giraffe just casually kept strolling with Elephant towards the Cobalt Blue ‘Denver Mustang’.  

Hedgehog looked on from a distance.

‘Neigh!  NEIGH !’ declared Bluecifer, and he began to sing a Leonard Cohen song [Listen while you read on]:

“Give me back my broken night 
my mirrored room, my secret life 
it’s lonely here, 
there’s no one left to torture 
Give me absolute control 
over every living soul 
And lie beside me, baby, 
that’s an order! 
Give me crack and anal sex 
Take the only tree that’s left 
and stuff it up the hole 
in your culture 
Give me back the Berlin wall 
give me Stalin and St Paul 
I’ve seen the future, brother: 
it is murder. 

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions 
Won’t be nothing 
Nothing you can measure anymore 
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world 
has crossed the threshold 
and it has overturned 
the order of the soul 
When they said REPENT REPENT 
I wonder what they meant…


[Song w/ lyrics: https://youtu.be/vnaxvBsyigM)

Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant and Hedgehog listened to Bluecifer’s impeccable cover of  ‘The Future’ in awe:

BLUECIFER, the Denver Mustang @ DIA, with Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe and Hedgehog.  June 2012 @ Denver International Airport.  (Combination of various images plucked of the web, altered and combined by © MVB 2012)

[To be continued…]

PART 4:  Remember the Hedgehog? He’s gone missing…

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