High Park Fire’s Proximity to SMC, Rustic, Red Feather Lakes, Boulder,… (maps)

Stupa, as seen from above.
See details further below.

The below 4 combined maps show the High Park Fire‘s proximity to SMC, Ft Collins, and even Boulder.  That, with the relevant InciWeb Update was just added to my much larger overview post with links, etc. from a few days ago-

–> See more also @ my more comprehensive info overview post, “High Park Fire’s distance to Shambhala Mountain Center (map),”  (includes the below maps now too)

From the InciWeb’s update (Thursday evening June 14, 9:10pm):

” […]  The High Park Fire is located approximately 15 miles west of Fort Collins and has burned an estimated 52,000 acres to date and is an estimated 15 % contained.  Firefighters are working to contain a 60-100 acre spot fire on the north side of Poudre Canyon near Steven’s Gulch.   […]

[- InciWeb – Read Full and latest update HERE: http://www.inciweb.org/incident/2904]

From Colorado Daily:


  • SMC (green ‘A’) is in the top map, just 15 km northwest of the fire’s edge… I’m near Wonderland Lake, about 60 km south of this fire.  Steven’s Gulch (the red A) is where a 60-100 acre spot fire jumped highway 14 today (update time: Thursday, June 14) around 5pm.   Estes Park is in the second map.  Maps are all on same scale, fitting at seams:

Hope this is helpful somehow.  

To do this yourself:

  • – Open http://www.inciweb.org/incident/2904 (click “Hybrid” and go two steps up (to include the northern part of the fire)
  • – Also open a separate Google Map (http://maps.google.com/) and find “Shambhala Mountain Center” (@ 151 Shambhala Way Red Feather Lks, CO 80545, USA).
  • – click four small steps south, postition “the white dot” in the middle and zoom in on the Stupa (see photo in above-mentioned overview post).  This is the Stupa and Stupa visitor Center:
  • – When you zoom-out six – seven times, you’ll recognize the curves of Highway 14 (if the ‘Labels’  option is clicked on under Trafic, etc. options), and then you can find more easily where SMC is in the InciWeb map.  (The rest can be done in Preview or so.)
  • To see just the zoom-out (with many other fires in the SouthWest, see next blogpost: “Screenshot Zoom-out Journey on InciWeb, from SMC to USA (June 15, 2012)
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