Hedgehog Trip (1/5): Once Upon A Time, A Hedgehog Took A Plane…

in Dutch: egel
in English: hedgehog

Hedgehog Planet  –  (Note: I’m a little tired of reality right now, so I’m just going to make stuff up in this 5-part fictional blog series, starring a hedgehog on a journey…  See what happens.  I have no idea yet where he will travel, but I will be reporting about it here.  This is Part one:)

Once upon a time, a hedgehog received an invitation from a far far away land…  Never having ventured away from the den, it was a very daunting prospect.  Anyone he asked had a different opinion, and all thought it was just plain crazy.  

But the personal invitation to the woods-renowned ‘Animal Gathering 2012’, an inter-species forum (which he had overheard squirrels rave about several summers ago), was far too great to turn down.

A giraffe was rumored to come all the way from Africa to discuss habitat changes.  A Zebra was coming along to tell all about its path to a longer life.  And so much more.  Even the worms on the menu looked exotic and unusually delicious.  

He couldn’t wait!  So on a journey he went…  

Daredevil hedgehog! Going where no hedgehog has gone before…

It didn’t take long for him to figure out that, on foot, even if he ran on his hind legs, it was years of hedgehog leaps away.  He had to find a faster way, so he tried his luck at a local airport used by humans.  

The architects of this airport must have been hedgehogs, though, he figured, as the camouflage the floor tile provided was far too good to be coincidental.

Sometimes the ground moved in inexplicable ways bringing him to higher or lower levels of a seemingly endless labyrinth.   The planes were hiding somewhere!  And hedgehog was determined to find one.  

The mystery of the magically moving ground…

He overheard some humans mention his destination country (!), and looked attentively for a way to sneak in with them.  Many daydreams later, he spotted a laptop bag that wasn’t completely shut!!!  

He ran over to it quickly, and inspected the possibilities:  

It looked very promising.  He climbed inside, chewed through some odd tree-root-like stuff to make a temporary nest, and kept quiet.  This was so exciting!  

Soon the bag lifted off the ground and he was on his way, hitching a comfortable ride with an unsuspecting business man… 

Once on board, he ran around until he found an empty seat.  He climbed up to a window and looked in amazement at the strange world outside.

A field without grass! A tree without limbs! So strange…

Shortly after the metal bird took off.  In the distance he saw the woods he called home…  

They went really high, even higher than the hawks would go.  Even higher than the clouds!  Hedgehog began to feel a little scared.  Maybe it was a foolish idea.  Maybe the rabbits were right and he was out of his mind crossing the field and the creek, and walk all the way to where the legendary Prairie Dog Massacres happened, way back when the bulldozers had come to eat the land…   “If the humans would see me here, they would probably cage me”, he feared.  He tried not to move:

Then the plane began to descend…

{To be continued – wordt vervolgd.

Added: for PART 2, see HERE}

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