Blog Milepost 75,000 Views – Last blogpost rehash – Fukushima News Sources

Last day of May 2012.  Blogpost #311.  I consider this a blogpost of utter public irrelevance.

It’s more like a milepost on my blogging path.  A record four comments (ha), 300 direct views in a week of one blogpost (previous one), quoted on a widely read news service (see further below),…  Woohoo.   And, also: this has been my busiest month to date, with over 8,000 views this May 2012, hereby bringing the all-time total to 75,000+.  (The 50k mark was just after New Years, here).  Condensed snapshot from yesterday late:

This long-dead blog came back to life on March 14, 2011.
About 75,000 views since, as of end of May 2012.

In regards to the last post, it’s petty unusual for me to leave a comment anywhere, but I figured that since I claimed RT was misreporting Fukushima fallout data (see last blogpost, here), then I should also let them know, as well as ENENews, who spread their news.  See below.   Russia Today seems to have ignored my comment, but ENENews ran THIS story, linking to THIS FemaleFaust blogpost, which in turn quoted both from Ex-SKF (perhaps the best source on Fukushima-related news) as well as from here on “allegedly apparent”. ;-)  So that was cool.  (Pretty neat …for my pretty marginal blog of personal randomness at least).

  • Somewhere in all the comments (some of ‘m… I’m like… ‘what?’), marked in red was my comment in the RT comment tread, below.  I’m including the comments that surrounded mine as a random snapshot of the times we live in:

(Sometimes I wonder what the point of some of these comments are… “Don’t drink the water … anywhere”  Ha.  Right.   Yeah, and HOLD YOUR BREATH! ;-)

Etc. etc. … Lost in a sea of chatter … RT didn’t even comment. ha.

  • But, as already mentioned, it was part of what lead Female Faust to write about it, quoting from my “most thorough breakdown” post :-), as well as Ex-SKF:

She’s got some other great stuff on there, like this more recent, “THIS PDF ON  RADIATION AND THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY  WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.

  • The above-shown Female Faust blogpost in turn was picked up by the widely read ENE-News Service, where it showed up (without any extras) in the news roll.  Yay!  Good on ENE!   The real culprit, RT, didn’t do a thing, as far as I know.  (Please leave a comment if you know better, with a link. tx.)  ENENEWS:

tada. That was that.

–> NEWS SOURCES (in no particular order):

—- —- —- —-

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