NATO Meeting During (Partial for Chicago) Solar Eclipse…

(For better things to focus on, scroll down /skip the NATO stuff.)

Can’t help to find the meeting date/scheduling choice a wee bit odd.

Click for hint.

Q.: So, Mr President, where will you be to watch the solar eclipse?  

A. (imagined, but factual as far as I know):  Inside a heavily fortified building giving the welcoming speech for the NATO summit in Chicago…  In fact, while the moon occults the sun just before sunset outside, these 3 heavy-weights will be spelling out their vision for where to direct their state-sponsored-terror alliance:

  • U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama (USA)
  • NATO Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow (USA)
  • NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen (Denmark)


May 20, 2012 Nato Summit Schedule, annotated to show corresponding times for partial eclipse and sunet in Chicago, IL.

So… An amalgam of nations decide on the future course of the world’s wars, revolts and internecine conflicts…  On Obama’s agenda is “responsibly ending the war in Afganistan”.  With how his time in office has gone, that could be Orwellian DoubleSpeak for just about anything.  “Probably coincidence” (doubt it), but with so many other occult aspects to world governance, the words that set the tone for future wars will be spoken during the locally partial social eclipse… when “the veils are thinner” and – thus: what is said, and which intentions are set, reach deeper levels more easily during such times.

“Why all the “negativity?”” is what I usually hear when I bring up dark stuff and world events.   The answer is that what I’m trying to make known isn’t negative, it’s ignorance that’s negative.  Truth is empowering, no matter how awful it may be sometimes.     Read more on cognitive dissonance, sleeping masses, and time to wake up at Zen Gardner: HERE.

  • Great time for ceremony…  

So much the more reason to focus on peace.    

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