Cheering on a Nuclear Iran… (US advertising, 1972)

(was also sitting around ‘in draft’…)  — I came across this (US) nuclear industry ad from the 1970’s.  They’ve been playing the “we’re so safe” card for over half a century now…, and never shying away from lying about other things too.  That vote of “almost 4-to-1″ is what?  3-to-2?   Massachusetts never even approved a second nuke plant…  This one is a winner, though:

Funny funny…

Found Iran’s nuclear industry history interesting, though, especially the earlier era:  But using the Shah (of SAVAK horror, etc…) to make nuclear energy look better?  Ha.  Classic PR fail.

That reminds me of the creepy guy (Khomeini) that followed, sung about HERE, by Belgian Associality.  And this documentary, on Iran’s fascinating history:

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