Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20 w/ View Path Map – Japan in Eclipse Path – Heightened Earthquake Danger?

On May 20, 2012, there will be an  


!!!–>  [Added 5.20:]  For quick detailed info for you location (start, max, end), go to:  And pick ‘Local times and visiblity in your location‘, enter a known location nearby, and Voila.  Enjoy. :-)

‘Annular’ means the moon disk looks smaller than sun’s disk (from Earth perspective), leaving a ring of sun shining sunlight on the viewer, as shown in this image.

Image Caption: Annular solar eclipse on October 3, 2005. Credit: Sancho Panza/Wikipedia (CC BY 2.0) Source: redOrbit (

It will be the first annular eclipse of the sun visible from the US west coast in 18 years. For the Japan map, see further below.

!–> For the viewing path map, below, and many other maps of this event, check:


Annular_solar_eclipse_of_2012_May_20.html =>

Best viewing path maps of where it will be visible in the US western states:

Western U.S. map showing the times for local greatest eclipse in Universal Coordinated Time

!–> Read much more about this annular solar eclipse on

The Wikipedia Page on solar eclipses has lots of good info too:


Types of Solar Eclipses (image WIkipedia)

  • Earthquakes and Solar Eclipses… Any link?   (sure hope not, cause…)

Since much of my blog traffic is related to the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima-Daiichin Nuclear Power plants…, the central line (best viewing path, perfect alignment of Earth-Moon-Sun) passes directly over Tokyo, Japan, and while it will not be visible from Fukushima City, if the weather’s clear, those working at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor site will be able to watch the solar eclipse for 3 minutes and 45 seconds (you can almost hold your breath…):

TIME for Eclipse for Tokyo Japan (in the morning of May 21, when it is afternoon in the American West on May 20):

For Tokyo info and eclipse detail times for anywhere click image. SOURCE:

Zoomed in to part of the west coast of Honshu, Japan:

(same map, zoomed in, annotated by me. Click for Source. To see all maps, click on link provided above.

Aside from speculation, as far as I know, there has been no statistical correlation discovered between eclipses or even lunar phases and earthquakes.  But there is “anecdotal evidence”. Examples include the fact that longest solar eclipse of the millennium occurred during the same week as the horrific Haiti earthquake.  Whether (or how) the moon impedes the usual gravitational pull of the sun during a solar eclipse isn’t understood by mainstream scientists yet.  

From “There is a long history of observations of gravity-related phenomena during solar eclipses, especially around totality.  In 1954 and again in 1959, Maurice Allais reported observations of strange and unexplained movement during solar eclipses.  This phenomenon is now called the Allais Effect.  Similarly, Saxl and Allen in 1970 observed sudden change in motion of a torsion pendulum, and this phenomenon is called the Saxl effect.

A recent published observation during the 1997 solar eclipse by Wang et al. suggested a possible gravitational shielding effect, which generated debate. Later in 2002, Yang and Wang published detailed data analysis which suggested that the phenomenon still remains unexplained.” [my emphasis / click link for footnote references]

(On a side-note, if you walk down that rabbit hole, this subject leads to theories on gravity and electromagnetism being connected somehow, a topic that has bordered on taboo in the mainstream scientific world.  When you dig into it (as I did as a teenager), you’ll end up in the field of electrogravitics (a hypothesis proposed by Nikola Tesla, by the way) who reportedly did extensive experimentation and demonstrations of the effect.  Another big name in this borderland research field was Thomas Townsend Brown, who who called it ‘electrokinetics‘ and believed that electrogravitics could be used as a means of propulsion for aircraft and spacecraft.)

  • Current USGS Earthquake data (click image for latest, the screenshot is from 17:03 MDT earlier today  (5:03 pm Mountain Daylight Time):
  • For this upcoming eclipse’s supposed importance in the Mayan Calendar and related prophecies, this video below (Spanish with English subtitles) lumps 3 astronomical events together:  the annular solar eclipse, not this weekend’s but the next full moon (“Blood Moon”), as well as the Venus Transit On June 5 or 6 (depending where you’ll be).  The crop cicle’s awesome.  ;-)   The second half of the video throws in a bunch of Bible quotes, etc., probably meant “for effect”…  The latter’s likely to be the kind of stuff that will be ridiculed for decades to come:  


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