Fallout Maps: Source moved to…

Just a quick updating of a popular map source, below.  I can see what people click on and when I see a lot of clicks on something, I tend to test the link.  In the case of the Sept 29, 2011 Fukushima-Daichi NPP fallout maps for Japan, the link no longer leads to the pdf, but instead to a lame “Error 404 – Not Found”.

The disappeared source, “http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/ja/1910/2011/09/1910_092917_1.pdf” apparenty has been taken down, which is too bad, as I’m not going to sift through all the blogposts I may have linked to it…  At the time the above was my MEXT source for fallout maps, and my comparrison to the Chornobyl fallout, as shown HERE.    Little searching pointed me to the new source:

The new Source for the Sept 29, 2011 map, as well as many other can be found here:  !–> http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/old/en/monitoring_around_FukushimaNPP_MEXT_DOE_airborne_monitoring/

See also: http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/en

In case they change the sources around again, here’s a screenshot of the MEXT and DOE airborne monitoring (May be useful for dates and description), with the source in question in purple rather than blue, now at:  http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/old/en/1270/2011/09/1270_0929.pdf

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