US (s)Election Show (Moving Forward as Predicted…)

On March 18, in the second part of my post, here, I summarized my election prediction with “Obama – Romney ; 1-0“.  The first part of that has already come to pass:  Mitt Romney will, almost certain, be the Republican nominee.

A ton of supposed candidates had already dropped out.   Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, who never had much of a chance anyhow either, just withdrew as well.  I expect Ron Paul (who’s trailing behind in delegates 1:10 to Romney) to continue providing a media side-show of utter irrelevance.  Next phase:  At the end of August, Mitt Romney will be nominated at the Republican National Convention, in Tampa, FL.  Immediately followed the following week by the nomination of Barrack Obama at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.   And, of course, none of the ‘Third Party candidates (some 17 parties!), nor the handful of independent candidates (5, I think), have a chance to win the US Presidential Election anyhow.

The system is such that the 2 corporate-sponsored status quo parties will dominate.  Why anyone else runs at all, instead of calling for a boycott of this farce of a democracy, is lost on me.  I’m open to surprises, but: Obama will win.  This is just my opinion, a one-person poll, if you will.

Check out his very beautifully edited campaign video.  Propaganda at its finest. Like the also insanely persuasive (but thoroughly debunked) Acadamy-Award® winning (and also Nobel Prize inducing) “An Inconvenient Truth”), this is a masterpiece:

CLICK IMAGE to watch

Perhaps, if I identified with ‘my tax district’ (aka ‘nation’/ flag-flapping region), maybe the silly tricks would work on me as well, but – intergalactic planetary as I am – I find such narrow notions of identity sickening.  I continue to be truly dumbfounded it still works…

Some entertaining food for thought on this topic:

  • George Carlin on Thinking for Yourself  (with Arabic Subtitles; and music from the movie “The fountain”):

  • The Story of Your Enslavement:

PS:  If you really think “mind control, etc.” is total nonsense, I suggest you read through this very well-research document:

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