Information for Breakfast.

After I glimpse for any email requiring immediate attention, I swing by Facebook, ‘like’ a couple likeable things, maybe repost, offer a comment, and go see what my blog stats were for yesterday.

Blog stats are my ego-meter, telling me of my relative significance for the online world:   many blog views = boost for ego = me happy.   This really pathetic side of myself remains endlessly entertaining.   If I got under 100 views, I’m bummed, if I got over 150, I rule.  Want to make me happy?  Go click on everything, browse page after page, click links, come back, and do it all over again.  You’ll make my day.  I’ll never know you didn’t read a letter of it.  Ah… Good   “I made it!” yesterday, and today looks promising:   ;-D

In my browser’s top bar I have a tab called ‘Science’…

Lots of after-shocking off Sumatra, Indonesia, and more quakes than usual (under 200/week is common); Japan's Fukushima region is quiter today after a week with 20 quakes between 4.0 and 5.6 (Click Image for most recent)

Click Image to see most recent, including the NOAA Solar Report

Our beautiful sun. :-) Gotta love the Solar Dynamics Observatory... (Click to go to SDO)

  • Not sure why it takes so long for the University of Colorado to update its Sea Level data graph… Still not updated:

Average Mean Sea Level, from satelite data. Click for latest data from University of Colorado:

  • Before leaving the science department, I go into the Climate subtab and out of the bunch I pick one or two.  Today I peek at Leif Svalgaerd’s Solar Terrestrial Activity Report, which shows me that despite a couple spikes in activity, this solar cycle 24 remains darn weak:

Updated Daily, click image for latest at

I have often appreciated many of Leif’s comments on the science blog (skeptikal of AGW dogma), “Watts Up With That?” (WUWT), where he suggests reading materials I have found very interesting, like, for instance the paper by Schrijver, C. J., W. C. Livingston, T. N. Woods, and R. A. Mewaldt (2011), The minimal solar activity in 2008–2009 and its implications for long-term climate modeling, Geophys. Res. Lett., 38, L06701, doi:10.1029/2011GL046658.  I find that stuff fascinating.

GLOBAL MEAN TEMPERATURE - by NOAA (Click to view at source).

  • I do a quick Google “CO2 Graph” and find the “Trends in CO2”, also by NOAA, here:

CO2 content of the Earth's atmosphere continues to rise unabated. CLICK Image to see graph at source:

Just for the visual, when I hold one image over the other, anyone can see that they diverge.  Instead of an acceleration of global warming, I see it stalled, going for at least 7 years now.   Little diversions like this often take me out of my half hour info diet:

ONLY to show how the slopes diverge: temperatures versus CO2 1960-2011. I know they don't line up perfectly, but you get the idea: global warming (warmING, not "it being warm") stopped almost a decade ago.

I decide I spent enough time online already, and I won’t check the couple newspapers and favorite conspiracy sites today.

Boring philosophical discussion.  I turn it off.  And go on with my day…

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