Spent Fuel Pool 4

Blue: today + Yellow: past week. Annotated Screenshot April 12, 2012
CLICK image for latest from USGS
And this is a relatively “quite week” for Japan.

The first half of THIS POST, a couple days ago, was all about SFP 4, at the still extremely troubled Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

Siting many of my same sources, I want to add this excellent overview from Washington’s Blog, link below, as re-posted on the Global Research site, and a couple useful resources to keep an eye on this:  ‘The Fuel Pools of Fukushima:  THE GREATEST SHORT-TERM THREAT TO HUMANITY


Published on Mar 30, 2012 (by TheBigPicture on Russia Today): Kevin Kamps of ‘Beyond Nuclear’ joins Thom Hartmann :

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