IIDJ offers near-real-time radiation measurements for Japan

I just received a nice a email from the Institute for Information Design Japan (IIDJ), letting me know that the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology started to publish a consolidated record of more than 2000 live observation spots of radiation.  The IIDJ has made the data very accessible.  IIDJ:

“[…] Including other measurements from over 20 official sources, we compile an updated consistent and comprehensive Japan Radiation Map, to provide

  • a visual comprehensive overview as well as detailed meshes on close-up, both in Japanese and English:      http://jciv.iidj.net/map/
  • a 3D visualization on GoogleEarth creates a compelling immersive view on the scale of differences of radiation levels which could not be conveyed by flat map representations alone:     http://jciv.iidj.net/map/kml

“We do hope that these interactive visualizations of very dense data-sets encourage decision-makers to further pursue accountable detailed monitoring of radiation levels and to provide the results to the public in accessible formats.”

Further below are a couple examples of how the collected data is presented (also viewable in English, just visit the IIDJ to navigate the maps).  These are not fallout maps from a year ago or so, these are current (April 2012) background radiation dose measurements, presented in nanoSievert (nSv).  Background radiation at sea level tends to be under 100 nSv (under 0.1 µSv (microSievert – see my Radation Units page for more).

For instance, just outside the nuclear power plants of Doel near Antwerp, Belgium, the gamma radiation dose level is currently 0.078 µSv/hr (or 78 nSv/hr if you prefer it in nanoSievert. Totally normal.  See FANC for the latest data in Belgium).  In Japan, at sea level it is usually well below 0.05 µSv/hr (= normal is below 50 nSv/hr).   At the Fukushima-Daiichi plant, the level is now at 253 µSv/hr (= at the Fukushima I NPP today:  253,000 nSv).

Important note:  Comparing any of these levels to background radiation, medical procedures like X-rays, CAT scans, or cosmic radiation received during airplane flights is ABSURD, as in none of those cases the radiation source is flying around in absorbable particles.  See my Radiation Exposure Effects for more on that sadly still-used nonsensical nuclear industry deception trick.

  • SO, I’ve promptly added IIDJ to my Japan page for global online radiation monitors (For the list of countries I did this for last year, see HERE.), as they make an excellent addition and improvement to SPEEDIMEXT, and the occasional reports on the blog Ex-SKF News.
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