THRIVE Into Alignment With Your Heart’s Desire. (Or worry about Japan’s looming radiation armagheddon…)

First part: Fukushima-Daiichi Gloom; Second Part: Thrive and Tesla Documentaries.  (So don’t be alarmed by the first part of this post, it is merely “a little obstacle” before the all-smiles-inducing grand vista of possibilities…)  

Woah! Take me to Japan!!!   —  Ah… Rowing boats enjoying the 2012 cherry blossom festival in Tokyo, Japan (March 19, 2012) . Source: CLICK IMAGE to read more.

  • On the one hand, I’m opposed to nuclear energy and I like passing along nuclear disaster news because (I think) it helps clarify why nuclear energy should be fazed out as soon as possible.  I feel like I’m doing something helpful, something perhaps even “needed”.  I tell myself I do this to raise awareness.  I hold this – perhaps ridiculous – hope that those who still believe nuclear energy is ‘a sane option’ would change their minds after absorbing the piles of information I present.  For instance, I may recommend you read this (April 3, 2012) article by Akio Matsumura, “Fukushima Daiichi Site: Cesium-137 is 85 times greater than at Chernobyl Accident“; perhaps I could entice you to take a look at some of the photos Ex-SKF News posted last year of Fukushima’s Spent Fuel Pools; and I certainly suggest you watch this excellent German TV documentary:

ZDF German TVL The Fukushima Lie – a Documentary by Johannes Hano, camera Heiko Käberich, Toby Marshall, goes into the dangers of Spent Fuel Pool at Reactor 4. Click ‘CC’ for ENglish Subtitles. CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH on YouTube.

But… It is almost certain that I’m “preaching to the choir” and in the remote chance I’m not…  REALITY CHECK:  Even the collapse of Fukushima’s building 4 (think “10 Chernobyls” includes transcript of above video) might not change die-hard pro-nuke minds.  (It is rumored that facts rarely affect the insane.)   In any case, if the still-looming mega-disaster of the could-collapse-any-moment spent fuel pool #4 is unfamiliar, you may also want to read “Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor” (April 6th, 2012)”, and its mentioning in the newspaper The Mainichi (Japan), April 02, 2012: “The worse-case scenario drawn up by the government includes not only the collapse of the No. 4 reactor pool, but the disintegration of spent fuel rods from all the plant’s other reactors. If this were to happen, residents in the Tokyo metropolitan area would be forced to evacuate.” Or, also noteworthy: check the latest Fukushima Update(s) from nuclear expert Arnie Gunderson.  I could go on like that…

Any new earthquakes in Japan this week?   Anything between Tokyo and Sendai?  Any 6+ aftershock could do it, you know?  And since I brought it up, on that note:  Last year’s powerful March 11 earthquake shocked a sleeping fault line close to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant back to life, according to a new scientific study, reported on in this WSJ Japan RealTime Blog, Feb 15, 2012 article.

(Madmen want us all to look the other way…)

Nevermind the dangers of the nuclear waste for the next couple hundred thousand years, [fingers in ears] lalalalala! …   WSJ, March 30, 2012:  The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) just approved two new nuclear reactors to be built in South Carolina, on top of the two new nuclear reactors approved to be built in Georgia.  In case you forgot who the NRC are, they’re the guys to trust when it comes to all things nuclear:

They even managed comfort the world mid-March 2011 

Does it only take a good “perception management” PR-campaign to make nuclear energy safe?

with their lovely assurance that, “there’s little chance of radioactivity from Japan’s badly damaged nuclear power plants reaching the United States” (see HERE)  Right… How about 296 Bq/Kg in Portland, Oregon soil?  (with Boulder, Colorado where I live second highest…)   Anyhow…  See how easy I can get carried away on this topic?

The intended focus of this blog post is actually not on these very serious nuclear issues, but on my questioning the sense of me focussing on it.  In order to shift the dominant paradigm, pointing out what’s wrong with the old one (and dear god is it ever so WRONG!) … may not be as helpful as shifting my focus to alternatives and different ways of being, ways that would be much better…

  • So: on the other hand:  I find a lot of wisdom in the emerging paradigm of ‘conscious co-creation’, and the accompanying view that it is much wiser to focus on what I love than on what I don’t love, as in feeding or “giving energy to” what you want to see grow.  I haven’t exactly written a lot of blog posts about ‘Free Energy’, ‘Electrogravitics’, ‘Tesla technologies’, or about how university-taught “laws of physics” are hindering the emergence of new technologies because of the limiting beliefs built in to the dominant theories of today, or about the possibilities that we might be able to create and disintegrate matter (including nuclear waste) with resonance technologies.

As a way to start of my intention to mix in more postive alternative views and such, I highly encourage you to watch this 2 hour and 15 minute excellent documentary, THRIVE (below), which delves into the mysteries of ancient knowledge, the flower of life as a tetrahedron map, the torus shape as one of the key ways nature patterns itself, and so forth.  See also its original website,   Full of good stuff:  If the below doesn’t work, surf to:

THRIVE on Facebook:
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Note:   As with anything of that size and scope of investigation, it is easy for there to be a few things I disagree on, or finding what I’d call outright errors.  But overall, it is excellent and very timely, as we absolutely need to shift to technologies and economic organization that will bring humanity to a global state of thriving.   Regarding the couple details in the movie that I consider incorrect…, for example, it flashed the ancient Egyptian Abydos-Hieroglyph “of a helicopter and tank”, which has been debunked (See; Another one, which Thrive back-paddled on themselves is the claim made by Nassim Haramein (@ 16:32 in the film), that the “Flower of Life” design at the Osirian Temple, also in Abydos, Egypt is somehow “burned into the rock at the atomic level,” which boils down to a sensasionalized version of what Greg Braden’s had written, also not backed by archeologists.  See for more of these.

Sadly, a “Debunk Thrive” website ( is so weak, it even parrots the official version of the 9/11 terrorist attacks (which doesn’t hold up when scrutinized), makes his own lack of scientific skepticism overly clear with “I do know that many conspiracy theorists deny the proven scientific reality of anthropogenic climate change…”, to which I can only say: It’s not because the UN promotes one side of an ongoing scientific climate change attribution debate that it becomes “proven scientific reality”.  (Get a grip.), the “debunking” of claims regarding Tesla are even more ridiculous; Tesla himself was very clear on what he knew: “Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, oil, gas, or any other of the common fuels.”

For an introduction to Tesla, search YouTube for the latest upload of “Nikola Tesla – The Forgotten Wizard” (Father Of Scalar Energy!), if this link doesn’t work:

(added-on note:  All those attempts to “debunk thrive” may actually miss the point: that we are more powerful than we think we are, and there are possibilities that cannot even manifest if you hold ‘m to be impossible, especially if this is done so collectively.  Thrive is fantastic if for no other reason than expanding people’s minds about what is possible.  Most everything can be questioned, but those so busy with debunking don’t seem so intent on finding out the actual truth of the matter (my impression), but more so in just maintaining the status quo.  To me, that seems the more insane choice at this juncture in time… )

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