A Walk through the Neighborhood

No Moter Vehicles Allowed. :-)

March 31, 2012 – Crazy: March is at its end.  A lot happened for me.  A big change: after having moved from a series of temporary places, seems like I’ve landed a lovely spot where I can see myself for some time.  ;-)

North Boulder is nice.  Lovely to be so close to trails that meander into nature within minutes of walking.



A stone’s throw away (literally, but not literally), there are walk and bike trails, which just blocks further go into open space, from where there’s some nice views:



From North Boudler looking south. My neighborhood's view, just 7 minutes away (walking).

Not the best light in the between 10 and noon, but here’s a couple vista pics from this walk:

Deer chilling in the shade.

Down below is ‘Wonderland Lake’, a tiny water reservoir that serves as a wildlife sanctuary, with a jogging trail around it.  The circled area is our neighbourhood, completel with gluten-free pizza shop, health food store with local produce, liquor store with local gluten-free beer, and even a couple restaurants (hidden between the trees somewhere in there):

Looking West, and downhill. Wonderland Lake just off Broadway, right below.

Smoke from a wildfire east of there made visibility not ideal, but from a little higher up, near the first ridge, Denver is visible, sort-of:

Looking South.

About a month ago, on a little detour from home-hunting, we hiked near Flagstaff Road, a couple miles south of North Boulder, from where Denver could be seen more clearly (zoomed in):

From Flagstaff Road, South Boulder, looking south-east towards Denver - early March 2012.

And back down, near the Wonderland Lake on my way home:

I ❤ America: Spring flowers, a spacious view, cars in the driveway, flag flapping, and plenty of 'no trespassing' signs.

I would have to try really hard to find something to complain about. ;-)

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