Either a Reelected Obama or Aliens Needed to Reduce Nuclear Arsenal

I know it’s all over the news, but found it amusing enough to mention it as well.  It goes well with my prediction that he’ll be reelected.  “This is my last election,” Obama was heard telling Medvedev, Russia’s outgoing president. “After my election, I have more flexibility.”  I don’t doubt it either.  A little funny, though ( I find), that he doesn’t seem to think in terms of “possibly”, “if…” or “hopefully” getting reelected, but that he’s rather certain of his reelection.  It’s not even an issue.  (It isn’t.  It never was.)  There’s this thing called an election, some kind of mass hope-nosis to keep the masses divided and riled up over all kinds of side issues, so the real show can continue unabated.  It’s barely a hint of an admittance to this see-through side-kick known as his ‘election’, but I like anyways.

Now, to built upon the Yahoo article yesterday, today in the NYTimes (Nuclear Conference in Korea Collides With U.S. Election — By MARK LANDLER; March 27, 2012), it is noted that “Lest anyone question his larger motives, Mr. Obama linked the dispute over missile defense to his goal of radically reducing the size of the American nuclear arsenal. To do that, he said, the United States needed to build trust with Russia by dealing with missile defense.  […]  “I want to see us gradually, systematically reduce reliance on nuclear weapons.””   A bit slow and late, but I think that’s a wise move.  Energetically, he has my support on that matter.

O'bahh-mahh... O'bahh-mahh...

Anyhow, it did remind me briefly of that defense bill from last year, which I mentioned HERE, which quoted “House Approves Military Spending Bill — By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS; May 26, 2011“: “The House on Thursday approved a $690 billion defense bill that limits President Obama’s authority on reducing nuclear weapons.” It didn’t specify how it limits the President, but – my guess is – probably that he may be required to work with Congress on this (and not bypass it in Executive Orders…    Smart move: His second term will be better to work with Congress.

One of the crazier things for me is that military folks talk about nuclear weapons like they would actually like to be able to use ‘m again.  Really?  Even crazier are followers of peace-preaching prophets who do so… but I digress.

To ligten up this waste-of-time post:  thank goodness for that bit of sanity popping through the veils every now and then: Perhaps there’s still other-dimensional or advanced other-civilizational help, if need be… 

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