Accelerated Sea Level Rise as Global Warming Accelerates! (j/k)

Couldn’t help to notice an odd couple lines in this article in the NY Times yesterday (10 paragraphs down):

Rising Sea Levels Seen as Threat to Coastal U.S. – NY Times. Click to continue reading.

Here’s what I found worded strangely [emphasised]:  “The ocean has been rising slowly and relentlessly since the late 19th century, one of the hallmark indicators that the climate of the earth is changing.  The average global rise has been about eight inches since 1880,  […]

The rise appears to have accelerated lately, to a rate of about a foot per century, and many scientists expect a further acceleration as the warming of the planet continues.” 

First:  1880-2012 is 132 years, so “lately” over a 132 years span is what kind of period?  The past decade, the last few years?  When I think of ‘lately’, at least in the context of weather extremes blamed on climate change, I’d say ‘lately’ there has been some real winter weather again in Western Europe, which wasn’t the case for about a decade until 3 years ago… Did the New York Times mean thát kind of ‘lately’?   No, apparently not, they seem to mean ‘lately’ as in ‘the last century’ compared to previous ones, and … well, I guess that’s why they used the words “appears to have“, as all the past 132 years can be compared to are proxy data (like these for the past 9,000 to 24,000 years, or these for the past 2,000 years), as no global direct measurement records exist prior to 1880; and we only have accurate global mean sea level measurements from satelites since 1992.

Lately, and I mean truly ‘lately‘, as ‘in the past two years‘, there hasn’t been much Global Average Mean Sea Level Rise at all, in fact:

Red horizontal line in past 2.5 years was added by me to illustrate the “accelerated sea level rise” reported to be happening “lately”… – Click image or latest data at the University of Colorado:

[this German analysis, added to this post on Dec 13, 2012, shows the rising continues, but is slowing down when comparing this past decade to the decade before:

Any alarmist talk about “sea level rise acceleration‘ is, at this point in our ever-changing climates (end of 2012), clearly hype.  I have a hard time signing up for a cause, however much I resonate with the general goals and caring intentions, when having the truth on your side doesn’t even seem to matter…

Second: ‘as the warming of the planet continues’ …  ‘as’ ?  or ‘IF’…

 Just saying…

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