Jean Giraud, R.I.P.

Jean Giraud (1938 – 2012), famous French cartoonist and comic-strip author, also known as ‘Moebius’, has left this realm March 10, 2012 – after 73 years of enriching the world with his creative genius.  His Wikipedia Page gives a wonderful overview of his humongous list of accomplishments:

  •  Trailer for a documentary on this legendary French creator:

Blueberry - Fort Navajo

Together with the Belgian (Walloon) screenwriter Jean-Michel Charlier, Jean Giraud conceived his most famous comic series Blueberry.   Blueberry is set in the years following the Civil War.  The first strip “Fort Navajo” appeared in 1965.

Under his pseudonym Moebius, Giraud created psychedelic and socially critical albums with scenarist Jodo (Chilean-French Alejandro Jodorowsky – WIKI).

Jean Giraud is also known from the comics Silver Surfer, The Incal and Arzach.  He worked as a graphic artist and set designer involved in the feature films”Alien,” “Tron,” “The Abyss” and “The Fifth Element”.  These short videos show some more samples of his amazing work (see the YouTube side-bar for more suggestions):

– Added later:  A little slow, 4 days later, The New York Times reported on it: “Jean Giraud, the Comic-Book Artist Known as ‘Moebius,’ Dies at 73”  By PAUL VITELLO (Published: March 14, 2012)

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