Comparison Japan MEXT Fallout Map Cs-137 in UNEP Colors – Higher Resolution

!–>  For a more thorough overview of this summary, see HERE

In one Image:  By request, the MEXT map for Cesium-137 from the Fukushima-Daiichi NPP nuclear disaster
+ the key to “translate” this map into one using the colors of the UNEP fallout map for Cesium-137 over Europe, due to the 1986 Chornobyl* nuclear accident
+ what the MEXT map would look like, by approximation, if it were presented in UNEP colors.
–> this 3-pieces-together jpeg at higher resolution:

CLICK IMAGE to go to Part 2 of Anniversary Blogpost about the Earthquake, Tsunami and Fukushima-Daiichi NPP Catastrophe.

SOURCES for maps and data LISTED on my commemerative March 11 blogpost (Part 2), HERE (or click on image above). 

–> For comparison with Chornobyl:  The above right-side MEXT map in UNEP colors for Cs-137 inserted at approximately the same distance scale into the UNEP map for Cs-137 for Europe (post-Chornobyl, 1986) – Keep in mind 81% of fallout fell outside Japan, mostly into the Pacific Ocean:

Click for this and other Chornobyl Fallout Maps at SOURCE:

* I sometimes use the Ukrainian-preferred spelling for the Russian-sounding Chernobyl.  (Although Russia and Belarus were hardest hit with fallout, Chornobyl itself is located in the Ukraine).

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