Home is…

I just noticed that I’ve had this post in draft for 10 days.  I guess I was trying to reflect on last year’s search for a sense of home.  It didn’t go anywhere, but might as well post it where it was at…

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“I sure fooled myself thinking I was truly moving back to Belgium.  Ha!   So… I’m letting go of this (so tempting) “search for home”…  It’s so odd… so many who claim to be ‘home’ somewhere also appear so stuck in… some bizarre paradigm… obsessed with power-based money, linear clock time, norms,… crap I truly believed was on its way out decades ago.  My search for Truth ultimately trumped any political cause I used to fight for or believe in, to the point I have no causes left, and pretty much cast myself out from all cause-based communities, intentionally …or not.  Seeking a sense of ‘home’ was most likely nothing but a silly distraction, an attempt to turn the clock back to bygone notion of belonging… Perhaps those days are over for good.    “Home is where the heart is”, they say, and as such, I suppose, Planet Earth will always remain a bit of home, as I love nature and friends here; and my native tongue, family and cultural nuances I grew up with connect me to some spots in Belgium, just as other cherished connections were made in the Americas, Asia, etc… But more than anything, home is both nowhere and everywhere, equally and simultaneously.  So here I am now…  Some things never change.”


Well… while I was searching on YouTube for something else (about the Annunaki and how the tensions in the Middle East have other-dimensional parallel dynamics that are on the one hand related with our own inner archetypal dynamics, and on an other hand with outer age old intergalactic dynamics… (etc.)), from one channeled Pleiadian message came another, and so I came across these inspiring words by ‘LeijaTurunen’, who shares some of her thoughts on ‘the shift’, and focus in on what seems like a lot people are experiencing these days… Might as well throw this into the mix too: “As above, so below. As within, so without. We are experiencing shifts on so many levels right now. …” Dig:

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