Box #4 Thwarts Imperial Surveillance Grid.

February 11, 2012 -or-  in Mayan Long Count [Calendar Converter]

Nice, Box #4 arrived (see previous blogpost), strangely clearly left uninspected.  More clear signs that my world is heading in a good direction:  My fingerprints still match my fingers, I smile on my updated file photo taken in the airport at the DHS checkpoint, a dignified agent warmly welcomed me back home (something EUropean agents never do when I visit Belgium, I’ve noticed over the years), and for the first time in a decade… boxes mailed internationally … arrive unopened!   Unopened!!! Intact.  Respected.  2012!  The shift!  It just happened!   SO cool.  May the Force be with you as well.

To celebrate, here’s some Yoda Wisdom – All Quotes and Scenes From All Star Wars Movies…

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