Some Colorado Wildlife

Though I’ve passed through here many times, I can’t say I know the local fauna and flora very well at all.  Even had to ask for the name of this reportedly very common bird, which I photographed yesterday in our front yard:  a Northern Flicker.  Such a beautiful woodpecker-like local bird!

Northern Flicker in Cottonwood tree. Boulder, CO. February 2012.

Woohoo!  Nice way to start the day!  Two flickers in tree!  

TWO Northern Flickers in our front yard! ;-) The one on the left is a female (no black "moustache")

ACTION! Squirrel runs up tree, passing by (undistracted) flickers!

Tail of fast-running squirrel still visible...

Squirrel in tree. ;-)

American Red Squirrel, pretty common all over. Boulder, Colorado, 2012.

Two Bighorn Sheep. Rocky Mountains, Colorado, spring 2011

I was just looking through some older photos and found this one, taken from a fast-moving bus somewhere between Denver and Salida (2011):

Bighorn Sheep



> I don’t have any of the couple times I’ve seen a Mountain Lion [Puma/Cougar] up close (in Red Feather Lakes and in Four Mile Canyon near Boulder, both in 2004).

As far as big cats go, bobcats are more common to spot.  I took this photo of a Bobcat in Crestone (Southern Colorado), somewhere between the Zen and Bhutanese Buddhist centers (2004):

Bobcat. Crestone, Colorado, 2004. Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven - All Rights Reserved.

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