A time-zone stretched-out 33 hours in random pics

Feb 1, 2012 – Denver, Colorado – back in the USA – haha.  :-)  I would have bet that I wouldn’t be back any time soon just two months ago.  But… what can I say?  Happily back I am.

I don’t feel like writing a bunch right now, but -given I take photos for fun all the time- I thought a brief selection from today’s ‘pics download’ may be nicely random:

Afternoon Jan 30, 2012 - De Keizersberg. I liked this part of my regular walk from Leuven to Herent. (Belgium). Something about that curvy road and wall...

'Do nuclear power plants emit CO2?' Billboards all over all towns, adds in newspapers, magazines, on busses..., "fill-out-these postcard stands inside restaurants, ... The 'kernvragen' post-Fukushima ad blitzkrieg by the Nuclear Forum (Belgium) is truly impressive. They will get so much input which they can then ... base the next phase of their spinning propaganda campaign on, perhaps? Nice play on words too: 'kern' is both core and nucleus/nucleair, making kernvragen both 'questions about things nuclear' as well as 'core questions', ... AS IF the nuclear industry is known for honest answers, or that they are even willing to question their own sanity for being okay with generating glowing trash that will have to be safeguarded for thousands of years ... within the context of a civilization with an economy that can't even predict what will happen next week.

By the way, Nucleair Forum is an organization, based in Belgium, but not of the Belgian government (as the seeming neutrality of their “ask your questions” campaign might suggest).  It is an umbrella organization, serving its members.  Those members are the big nuclear players Areva, Belgoprocess, Electrabel, Synatom, Tractebel Engineering, Institut National des Radioéléments (IRE), Westinghouse Electric Belgium, and Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie (SCK-CEN), among others.

Regular, comparable to "Euro 95" goes for about $2.99/gallon in Denver at the moment. At 1.3 dollar per dollar, and 3.7854 liters per gallon, the above price of gas @ €1.549/Liter translates to about $7.622/gallon. Or, the other way, gas in the States is just €0.607/Liter. The difference is mainly due to taxation differences.

'Orbs in Cat Tree' (?) Played around with acrylics on canvass for an hour or so when I was done packing... Made for a nice gift. :-)

I love it when a 360º rainbow forms around the shadow of the plane...

Flying into Philadelphia (still January 31, 2012)

In Denver the next morning. Feb 1, 2012/ Random (back of bus).

Three Billboards that caught my attention…

One of countless in over a decade. The Foundation for a Better Life, run by an evangelical Christian, is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 to promote "positive behavioral values". The Foundation creates ads to communicate its values, such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others.

Reasonably funny. :-)

Not sure what rock climbing has to do with culinary arts, but... whatever. Good message.

And then rolling into Boulder… Yay:

On highway 36 rolling into Boulder, Colorado. Home sweet home, again. :-)

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