‘Commenting’ was never meant to be closed

It’s been a long-running mystery (for me) that I received comments on a post every now and then, very rarely and only for a few days and then… nothing.  Most posts showed a ‘Comments closed‘ below a post (at the end of the tags), and often that was not my intention.  For posts where I’m inviting suggestions especially, it’s pretty annoying to see the comment option vanish.  Finally took a little time to figure out where the setting for this was…

Dashboard –> Settings –> Discussion –> Other Comment settings –>

 Automatically close comments on articles older than  days

–> UNCHECK (or change to higher number of days).  Tada! That was it.

Mine apparently was at “close comments after 3 days”.  Comments are open for more than just a couple days now.  On other blogs and forums, I find it annoying that I have to ‘register’ to just give my opinion, so I’m giving this a shot to not require that.  Hopefully not too much spam, otherwise I’ll change it back.  If a comment contains more than 2 web-links, it will be sent to spam anyhow. (where maybe someday I’ll get to it… or not).

Enable and Disable Comments. WordPress' Help/Support section is really helpful... as soon as I actually bothered to use it. Click to access http://en.support.wordpress.com/enable-disable-comments/

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