Fukushima Fallout in Calgary (Alberta, Canada) was among highest in North America, too.

Curious to see how the recently reported radionuclide fallout of Iodine-131 measured in Calgary compares to the higher fallout measurements over the United States, which I reported on April 16, 2011 in the blog post Highest I-131 Radiation Fallout in US from Fukushima: in Utah, Idaho, California and Kansas.   I guess I should have added, “and Alberta, Canada, too”, but I didn’t know yet.  

The radioactive particles originated from the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear distaster in Japan, caused by a massive earthquake and tsunami off the coast of Northern Japan on March 11, 2011.  An article in the Calgary Sun today mentioned 8.18 Bq/L (becquerel per liter) of I-131 for “in March” [2011].  (To clarify them mysterious radiation units, see my Radiation Units page.  For clues on how to interpret their dangers, see my Radiation Exposure Effects page.)  Here’s how that compared:

APPROXIMATION. Looks like Calgary in the Western Canadian province Alberta might have received among the highest radioactive fallout in North America, too. It is impossible to say where most fallout actually fell given the extremely inadequate testing (both in frequency and number of monitoring stations), or secrecy of the data if they exist

Here’s the article (Click image to continue reading):   


  • -> Access Canada’s official radiation monitoring network.
  • -> Additionally, my comparison of Fukushima versus Chernobyl, which includes a map of the (modelled) fallout distribution for all of North America (i hope) helps to put it in perspective.
  • -> Recent studies done in France and Germany indicate that the negative health effects of nuclear power plants EVEN WITHOUT ACCIDENTS have been severely underestimated.  See the beginning of my day report blog post HERE.  See also my Radiation Exposure Effects page or check the tab above for more resources.
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