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January 3, 2011 –— POST # 222 — Another day, another “Blog Navel Stare Moment”… Hell, why not…

I could have waited an hour... but "11:22 am" sounds better than 50,000, wouldn't you agree? Anyone? Three visitors somewhere out there? "Daily views" fluctuates around 100 per day in recent months. A blog of utter irrelevance, no doubt, but I still greatly enjoy this outlet... so I continue.

Not particularly different from the WordPress-created 2011 year in review, but… TADA!… This Blog just passed the 50,000 views! (It will by the time I post this, I swear!)  It’s all very relative, because this does not show ‘unique visitors‘.  A better overview for myself is to see which blog posts actually saw decent trafic.  Of my so far 217 blog posts (of which about 2 dozen were deleted at some point), here (below) is an incomplete sample of the most-viewed posts or pages of 2011.  The grand majority of interest continues to be the maps I created that make it easier to compare the Fukushima nuclear fallout mess with that of the Chornobyl disaster, which makes it undeniably clear (imo) that both distasters are at least ‘on par’ and it is quite likely Fukushima is worse.

Most my posts received less than 100 views so far.  Here some that received at least 100.  Highlighted (with “–>“) are those which have nothing to do with the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant in Japan, a topic for which much better sources can be found on my Nuclear News links.

Overview Popular Posts 2011:

Fukushima 2011 versus Chernobyl 1986: a fallout map comparison +  Check the newer one –> Extended Fukushima Fallout Maps – Sept 29 MEXT Release. Fukushima vs. Chernobyl – 2 More stats 5,460+896= 6356
Radiation Units More stats 2,941
Where to buy a Geiger Counter More stats 1,810

Current Radiation Levels + Current Radiation Levels (monitors)  (not counting views of individual countries’ pages, which in itself adds up to more)

More stats 1,579+283= 1862
Earthquake Machine Terrorizing the World? – re. HAARP – More stats 1,454
Build your own Air Force of Radiation-Monitoring Mini-Helicopter Drones More stats 1,099
A little Elaboration on my Cesium-137/134 Fallout Color-Legends “Translation Legend” More stats 834
List of Nuclear Power Plants with maps More stats 764
–> Lier Obama catches skeleton Osama. Oh shocker… (yawn) More stats 759
Radiation Exposure Effects More stats 700
IODINE-131 a basic map comparison: Fukushima versus Chenobyl More stats 553
News Sources More stats 458
–> US Government Released Key to 29 ET Messages… Yeah right. More stats 416
If Chernobyl’s Cesium Fallout were Presented the Fukushima way… More stats 412
–> Conspiracy More stats 276
NILU abandons Fukushima forecasting: reliable data blackout cited. (The return of Zardoz…) More stats 251
Radiation hotspots as far south as Tokyo More stats 242
Highest I-131 Radiation Fallout in US from Fukushima: in Utah, Idaho, California and Kansas More stats 241
“China Syndrome” possible at Fukushima Daiichi #1 ??? More stats 221
–> Contact / Bio More stats 189
–> Monkey cartoon bashers are strange monkeys too More stats 175
RADIOACTIVITY More stats 171
Fukushima Fallout: California and Pacific Northwest more contaminated than half Japan More stats 170
Fukushima Nuclear Crisis – Update April 20, 2011 More stats 158
Background Radiation DOSE & fallout deposits’ ACTIVITY… – What’s the calculation trick? More stats 157
–> My ART (not including individual art posts) More stats 147
–> I Donated Money to a Terrorist Organization More stats 137
–> Canadian 10 Dollar bill: Lest We Forget. More stats 131
The Japanese are held in loving prayers. More stats 119
–> All that Glisters is not Gold… More stats 100

In related, also completely irrelevant, news, this blog’s Home Page by itself received 12,782 views so far, showing you the last 10 to 25 posts (depending on my settings).  For contrast, my August 15, 2011 blog post “My DriveAbout Theme Song… at the onset of my driveabout in search of home saw… only 1 view so far.

Given some are frequent visitors, all-in-all I think the reality is likely more like 10,000 to 20,000 visitors, and the supposed “50,000 views” is a somewhat misleading statistic.  But still a fun mile post to celebrate.  :-)  CHEERS!


PS: See! I figured that could happen:> 

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