Cesium-137 fallout map comparison Chornobyl vs. Fukushima – new color-translated map added

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 23, 2011 (stuck here due to Belgian rail strike)

!!!–> I finally added the Cecium-137-only Fukushima fallout map in Chornobyl Cs-137 fallout UNEP legend colors to my ‘Extended Fukushima Fallout Maps – Sept 29 MEXT Release. Fukushima vs. Chernobyl – 2 [–> that previous blog post includes original unaltered maps and their sources, as well as the color legend translation key I created. Check it out!].

Comparison of Cs-137 contamination Chornobyl versus Fukushima:

  • Europe, showing Cs-137 falloyt from the 1986 Chornobyl nuclear disaster:

  • Selection of Japan mapped for Cs-137 fallout stemming from March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, in above UNEP colors:  (See here for original MEXT/DOE map sources.)

CLICK for Japanese Source showing original (non-color-translated) maps (15-page pdf.) Green areas are not based on data, merely done to suggest some yellow areas may contain green-level fallout levels of less than 2kBq/m^2 (as found on other similar UNEP maps).
April 30, 2012 add-on note: Map Source no longer at "http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/ja/1910/2011/09/1910_092917_1.pdf", but can reportedly be found in: http://radioactivity.mext.go.jp/en/

  • To gauge distance comparison:

NOTE: Mapped Cs-137 fallout from Chornobyl was after leaking ended. Mapped Cs-137 fallout from Fukushima-Daiichi is from shortly after worst leaking occurred. Some leaking continued (mostly into the ground and ocean) for over half a year after the published contamination maps were created.

All color-translation maps are original artwork by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2011.  

PS: At some point all the map comparisons related to these nuclear disasters are likely to be brought together on this static page. (= work in progress)

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