Icelandic Fashion and Window Installations

At a Hostel (beer’s on special cheap tonite: ISK 600 (instead of 750-. // 600 Icelandic Krona is just 4 euro or 5 dollars, darn  cheap for Iceland / Alcohol (and much else) is expensive here, although the cheap ISK is helpful (a pdf doc on the volatility of the ISK, here))- Reykjavik, Iceland – 2 december 2011.

Somehow I always seem to have ‘time’…  I swim in time.  (If time REALLY were money, I’d be a millionaire… Alas. ;-/ ) No, really, I fly in time.  I utterly completely can’t relate to people who “don’t have time”. I don’t know what they’re talking about.  Linear time?  Anyhow, a favorite pass time of mine is looking at fashion.  I love fashion.  I love beauty, basically, and how people choose to ‘touch their world visually’ says much about how they hold themselves.  Hence looking at fashion in new unknown lands is always interesting.  The attention to clothing details is in fact one of the things I enjoy about Europe in general.  Curious, I went looking around to see what’s out here in Iceland…

I took some pictures of window installations strolling through Reykjavik this evening and picked a few to share:

'I don't speak Icelandic'







The name of the Icelandic volcano that went off last year and stranded 10 million plane passengers. ;-)

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