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… in between worlds …

Belgium – end of 2011 It made so much sense to leave Utah last August.  No regrets whatsoever.  Wish I’d left a year earlier, actually.  My search for a new and much better ‘sense of home’ over the summer lead … Continue reading

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International Journal of Health Services on Fukuchima: 14,000 American Babies Killed…

Dec 27, 2011 – Herent, Belgium The below is questioned in June 21, 2011 Scientific American’s  “Are Babies Dying in the Pacific Northwest Due to Fukushima? A Look at the Numbers,” by Michael Moyer. So, I’m not sure if this was done … Continue reading

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Cesium-137 fallout map comparison Chornobyl vs. Fukushima – new color-translated map added

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 23, 2011 (stuck here due to Belgian rail strike) !!!–> I finally added the Cecium-137-only Fukushima fallout map in Chornobyl Cs-137 fallout UNEP legend colors to my ‘Extended Fukushima Fallout Maps – Sept 29 MEXT Release. Fukushima … Continue reading

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Nuclear Engineer Arnie Gundersen on Fukushima meltdown / melt-through / China Syndrome

The above video is from December 13, 2011.  On May 17, I had a blogpost “China Syndrome” possible at Fukushima Daiichi #1 ???, to which this Video by Arnie Gundersen may add nuance.

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Iceland’s Awesome

I started writing this post @ Oslo International Airport, Norway – Dec 7, 2011, 11:11 AM, intended to finish it shortly after and post it from wherever next that wouldn’t require a credit card and/or functioning mobile phone for “free wifi”… Meanwhile … Continue reading

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Reykjavik Concert Hall – Trippy Cool Modern Architecture

Reykjavik, Iceland – Dec 4, 2011 Strolled by the harbor to check out this cool-looking building, with its shifting blue-green-purple color patterns on the outside, to find out what it actually was. Harpa, Reykjavík’s brand-new Concert Hall and Conference Centre … Continue reading

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Icelandic Fashion and Window Installations

At a Hostel (beer’s on special cheap tonite: ISK 600 (instead of 750-. // 600 Icelandic Krona is just 4 euro or 5 dollars, darn  cheap for Iceland / Alcohol (and much else) is expensive here, although the cheap ISK … Continue reading

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