Today. Empty wet Seattle streets near Union Station... and a roaring stadium (left) full cheering sports fans...

November 27, 2011 – At the Hostel in Chinatown, Seattle – Counting down…

Looking down upon reflections of this evenings sunset colors... Photo by © Michaël Van Broekhoven, 2011.

It’s strange wandering around in this big city by myself, not knowing anyone, and not having enough cash to go hang out at a pub or so.  Just wandering around aimlessly…  Listening to the roar of the highways, overhead planes and honking ferries…

I just cancelled my last night at the hostel (tomorrow), as decided to go chill at the airport for a night instead.  With the refund I can get to the airport + eat a couple more times before the departure time finally arrives Tuesday afternoon.

It’s not the first time I get this close to $0-, and I can take it as an opportunity to relate to mind states I don’t enter very often (anxiety, worry, hunger,…), but -all-in-all… I really don’t like skipping meals for financial reasons…  In the epic decision battle between ‘the bed versus the food’, food won again.  It’s really just a matter of about $100 that would have made all the difference for these last few days, but nothing I can do about that now.

At least everything’s paid, no outstanding debts anywhere or with anyone, phone number, bank account, etc… everything in the USA has been terminated.

Very strange feeling… An incredibly colorful 16 years in America is coming to an end.  Its apparently ending on a bit of a downer note…  [–> Afterword, 2 months later:  that should have been the clue.  I don’t end things on downer notes, so if it does… maybe it isn’t as final as I think it is… hehe]

The 'Space Needle' in the background of other realities.

What makes it extra odd is that I have great friends in lots of places, just not here right now.  There’s no celebration, no get-together,… nothing.  By the time the plane takes off, I expect to have not a penny left here.  Just me with all the stuff I can carry, a heart full of memories, and a lot of lessons learned…

As far as I know there’s enough for when I arrive on the flight’s flip side, but until then… I’m reminded of the fact that in 2009 the Belgian banks made Maestro (part of the Mastercard system) inaccessible outside Europe.  Lame.  Really inconvenient.  [But really smart, as the magnetic strip method isn’t remotely as secure as the chip method is, so I learned since.] … [Part of original post deleted]  Too bad I can’t go have myself a fun night on the town for these last few days in the United States… Oh well.  So it goes sometimes.

There’s always something to enjoy or be grateful for, though.  Like the sunset’s colors, the art in some of the galleries I wandered by,… or this sight, on the way to a ‘washroom’ (if I may say so in ‘Canadian’), an Antarctic Christmas decoration -ha:

The life-sized fluffy penguins and seals in the lobby of some Seattle corporate building made me smile.

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