The Movement of Love {Occupy this Moment}

Buck chilling in the backyard in Rockland (Victoria "city", BC)

On a loving planet – some sunny autumn day in the twilight zone of arising and collapsing worlds… [updated Nov 21, 2011]

When the original poster from Adbusters (mentioned here) called for “our one demand”, I thought that was great, because of its unreachableness.  Demands are great when you want someone else to change (The “I’m tired of submitting to your demands, it’s your turn to submit to mine” approach), but – as I see it – while this may change things (sometimes for the better), they rarely if ever heal the underlying disconnect.  For instance, a union may manage to keep exploitation in check through collective bargaining, but the exploitative nature of the modern economic system remains de facto unchanged.

Image from Common Dreams article "This is What Revolution Looks like", see below.

In between managing dwindling finances, selling everything I can’t take with me, and getting ready for moving back to Europe after 16 years in North America, I’ve been reflecting on what is happening in the wider world right now, why the socio-economic system has long proven incapable of bringing about an increasingly wonderful world for everyone.  Mostly I wonder what is needed to assist in the positive transformation from the old paradigm (of warring, top-down control, us-versus-them, masculine-feminine discord,…) towards an emerging new paradigm (of interconnection, compassion, ethics, conscious co-creation, open direct communication, responsibility, peace, happiness and complete prosperity for all).

I may return to this topic with more of my own reflections (For earlier ponderings, see HEREhere and here), but for now, I simply highly recommend these videos and articles:

  • –> The Revolution is LOVE, a beautiful introduction about the heart of the Occupy Movement.

  • Power to the Peaceful!  A well-written take on the process revolutions go through, and where things are at:  This Is What Revolution Looks Like. ~ by Chris Hedges (for Common Dreams)
  • –> Pancho’s message to the 100%.  Inspiring words from a fellow planetary citizen  arrested in Oakland and released by ICE after massive outpouring of solidarity.   ~by Emily Loftis (for Salon)
  • Interviews with Charles Eisenstein (podcasts):

  • –> Occupy Wall Street – one its many hub sites with regular global updates and perspectives:
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