And my Driveabout Continues…

Last evening at the Rockland Mansion, Victoria… – Nov 8, 2011 – Chill’n with my homies on the couch, as some are eating, one’s texting, and one’s immersed in the videogame ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (crashing cars and gunning virtual people to smithereens, basically), while more delicious food is being cooked in one of the couple kitchens… and someone is practicing playing piano in another room…

The volcano Mount Baker, as seen from Mount Doug (a nice hiking spot on the outskirts of Victoria).

Living here was everything and much more I could have dreamt up for a temporary place to explore the area, make new friends, and “recover from 16 years in the US” (so to speak / half-kidding).  I’ll return to the United States soon enough (to sell my car, among other things), to fly out of there to Europe (as it’s cheaper), but… As much as I love it HERE, my U.S. greencard is totally useless in Canada, and thus… for now, for an undetermined while, a farewell to North America looms…

With only San Francisco, the ancient redwoods and a couple unnamable spots as close contenders, Victoria seriously “grabbed me by the heartstrings” like no other place had, and packed my relaxing introspective time full with experiences I won’t easily forget.  A nurturing loving land full of good people.  Nothing but gratitude.  

Room cleaned, got my deposit back, and now I have a couple more weeks to get everything to fit in what I can carry, as I continue my “keep, sell, give away, drop off at thrift store” process, all while enjoying some more of this region’s beauty.

As part of this, I just placed some more ads on Used Victoria, since I’ll be in the general area and have found this service more helpful than Craigslist right here, so far.  (Nov 18: Photo DELETED. everything except some art SOLD.  Car sale’s next…)  To see Paintings I still have FOR SALE, see the ‘My Art‘ tab above.

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