A Little Spontaneous Art Party broke out…

Remember… remember… the fifth of November.

No Title, photographed in low light under angle, cropped. Road kill bird feathers, tape, acrylics, marker, on paper. © Michaël Van Broekhoven. Nov 5, 2011.

About a month ago, the ‘Anonymous’ hacktivist group began posting fun-sounding announcements on social networking sites, such as announcing to “take down Facebook”, banks and even drug cartels… on this glorious sunny autumn day.

If something like that actually took place, I’m oblivious.  And I didn’t watch V for Vendetta [—>links to that 5th of November speech, on YouTube] again either.

Nope, much better: I joined several fellow mansionistas in a memorable spontaneous art party in our living room.  The result of a random doodle from last night was reworked, the result of which is (somewhat) shown to the left.  I love being here.

Is it a spirit?  A mask?   I don’t quite know either…

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